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Super green pass, Altems report: first doses at the stake, 87% are reminders


Dec 2, 2021

The arrival of the super green pass is not enough to move the last hesitant to the vaccine. In fact, the first doses administered in a day, on November 30th, remained at 31,829, while the third doses (boosters) reached 348,863, out of 401,900 vaccinations carried out in one day, a good 87%. In addition, in the last 45 days, third doses are the masters, accounting for 87% of all vaccines carried out; only 8% of the injections are first doses (the rest of the vaccines are second doses and previous infections that give access to the green pass with a single dose). To take stock is the 76th episode of the Instant Report Covid-19, produced by the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems (Altems) of the Catholic University. “It is since August 9 – comments Americo Cicchetti, director of Altems – that we did not exceed the threshold of 400,000 daily doses of the anti Covid-19 vaccine, recording a number of administrations equal to 407,540, a threshold exceeded again last November 30 with 401,900 vaccinations. . This monitoring – he underlines – provides us with a further picture regarding the composition of these 401,900 daily administrations of November 30th, which are composed for more than 87% of additional / booster doses, while only 8% is represented by first doses, a sign of uncertainty still pervasive among those hesitating to take the vaccine “. For Cicchetti, “this data also shows that the push to the increase in the first doses given by the super green pass that we will have active from next Monday 6 December has not yet occurred, an effect found, however, in the mandatory nature of the green pass last year. August 6, precisely 4 months ago, with a decree approved on July 22 and in the official gazette on July 23 “.

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