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Covid vaccine for children aged 5-11, away from December 16


Dec 2, 2021

The covid vaccine for children aged 5-11 will be administered starting December 16, 2021. This was announced by the covid emergency commissioner, General Francesco Figliuolo. Read also ” With the recent approval of the AIFA regarding the use of the vaccine for the age group 5-11 years, the Commissioner Structure has planned the distribution in December of another 1.5 million pediatric doses of mRna -Pfizer vaccine . The doses represent a first tranche that will then be integrated in January and will be made available starting from December 15, so that all the vaccination facilities of the Regions / Autonomous Provinces will be able to vaccinate children starting from December 16. “, announces the structure. Meanwhile, in the vaccination campaign” 430,614 vaccine administrations were carried out at national level yesterday, which saw the daily target of 400 thousand indicated by the Commissioner Structure for the first three days of December. In particular, the first doses were 30,286, compared to 26,003 second administrations (primary cycles completed), while the additional / booster doses reached 374,325 ”. ” The administration points operating at national level are 2,453 with an incremental forecast, in a context of wide availability of mRNA vaccines, estimated at over 20 million doses / administration. ions expected until 31 December 2021, useful to meet the potential request of 14 million people (over 18), who have completed their primary vaccination cycles by 5 months, or who still have to complete them. The acceleration of the current phase of the administration campaign of primary cycles and boosters, in full compliance with the established priorities, will allow to further reduce the number of subjects not yet vaccinated and to maintain a high level of individual protection in subjects already vaccinated with the primary cycle, thus mitigating the epidemic resurgence ”.

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