• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Sun and hot flash in the pan, from Monday 10 May everything changes: here’s where


May 8, 2021

Sun and heat don’t last. “Indeed, we will very soon have to deal with a strong wave of bad weather. The confirmation comes from the latest updates of our official APP which see, as early as Monday 10 May, the arrival of a disturbance capable of triggering even rather weather events. intense as violent storms and hailstorms, if not extreme, as local tornadoes “warn the experts of the site ilMeteo.it. If the weekend “sees a temporary change of course, thanks to an ephemeral advance of the African anticyclone, widening our gaze to the European scenario it is immediately evident that it will only be a flash in the pan. The cause is to be found in the particular baric configuration. that will be created: in central-northern Europe there remains a vast area of ​​low pressure, a sort of highway for the cold and unstable currents descending from the North Pole that feed and push powerful cyclonic eddies. One of these will point straight towards Italy as early as the beginning of next week, causing the first storms in the Northwest as early as Monday 10 “.” Later – the experts explain – a wave of bad weather will start in the Center-North, even rather severe because of the notable contrasts between the hot African air (pre-existing in the lower strata) and the much cooler air of North Atlantic origin. to have to deal with extreme weather events such as storms, thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes, especially between Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12. According to current data, the regions most at risk will be Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany where cumulative expectations of rain up to 100 mm in a few hours “.” Subsequently, the cyclone should continue its run towards the Balkan Peninsula, freeing, at least temporarily, the North and Center from the rains, while the South seems to be quite on the margins of this worsening and most likely only Campania will be affected by some precipitation “concludes ilMeteo.it.