• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Assistant Commissioner Schilirò: “Article disappeared from the web”. Giletti denies it live


Dec 1, 2021

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, the deputy chief of Rome suspended for becoming the ‘champion’ of the No Green pass in Italy, denied live – and in just 8 seconds – by Massimo Giletti on the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of a covid-themed article from the web. “I would like to ask Dr. Telese: how do you explain to me the fact that the article in The Lancet, which I saved on my phone on November 20 when I first read it, is no longer found? Why is this news disappearing? from the web? “. “Do you mean that someone has deleted the article and only you have a copy?” Asks Telese. Immediately after the question, however, the conductor intervenes: “In eight seconds, while there was this dialogue, I found the Lancet article on my mobile …”. “November 20?” Asks the assistant superintendent. “Yes, November 20”, confirms Giletti, who at this point exclaims: “Maybe some of your friends told you something wrong!”.