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Perugia, gropes a girl on the street: 28 year old arrested


Dec 1, 2021

Surprised by the carabinieri while he was groping the butt of an 18-year-old who was walking on the same street, he was arrested. It happened late yesterday afternoon in Perugia. The boy, a 28-year-old foreigner emulating the fan who touched the journalist connected to the studio for the post-match live in Empoli, was stopped by a passer-by who intervened to help the victim and by the soldiers who took him to the barracks in via Ruggia on charges of sexual assault. The girl, as soon as she suffered the harassment, stopped astonished looking for that of some passer-by who would intervene to help her. She is an off-site student, reassured by the carabinieri who collected her complaint.

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