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Assault on CGIL headquarters, for damages of over 23 thousand euros


Dec 1, 2021

The damage assessed by the CGIL for the assault on the Roman headquarters in Corso d’Italia on 9 October last during the no green pass event amounted to 23,069.94 euros. This is what we read in a detailed document that Adnkronos has come into possession of, sent by the law firm that assists the General Confederation of Labor to the lawyer Nicola Trisciuoglio, defender of Forza Nuova leaders Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, of the ex Nar Luigi Aronica, Salvatore Lubrano and Biagio Passaro, the leader of the IoApro movement already released from prison. Specifically, we are talking about a video surveillance system, a camera at the external entrance, 7 monitors, the intercom block, a digital telephone from 131.76 euros, a television from 213.50 euros, 3 complete PCs evaluated. in € 2,074, a € 3,543.81 printer, a fire extinguisher, a temperature detector that costs € 2,684, a counter at the entrance for € 2,662.04, an automatic door from € 2,264.32 and the external wooden door from € 3,190.30.

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