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Manager Lieceo Cassarà: “Bewildered by the turnaround for quarantines”


Dec 1, 2021

“Once again the school left in total disorientation, proof of the fact that the management of the pandemic has tested the work of all school staff, teachers, ATA staff and head teachers. Bewildered by about quarantines, surreal that a signed note by two ministries is suspended after not even 24 hours and that the provisions contained are already considered outdated “. It is the outburst, with Adnkronos, of Daniela Crimi, director of the Cassarà State Linguistic High School in Palermo, one of the largest in the area. “The school in these months of the pandemic has done much more than it should but we must no longer ask to replace the asp or the health department – he says – The school in the presence is fine but cannot be a goal pursued to the detriment of health. or security “. For Daniela Crimi “the school has done even more than its duty, but today there is no interventions on the school building front; the school buildings must be renovated, the classrooms expanded to allow greater distancing and the external, common spaces, the gyms that are still in many cities, including Palermo, completely forgotten by local authorities “. And he adds: “The school cannot always be asked to adapt to prevention measures without this effort being accompanied by the dutiful and obligatory intervention of local authorities in the maintenance of buildings and building adaptations”. “The school, as always at the forefront , and often left alone by an incorrect delegation of having to undertake the work that belongs to other institutions “, adds the director of the Liceo Linguistico Cassarà. In recent days, the executive has also vented on social media: “Tell us what are the rules to follow and come to an agreement because we are not understanding anything”, he wrote yesterday.

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