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Regeni case, “flight from trial and Egypt guilty admission”


Dec 1, 2021

Murder Giulio Regeni, the escape from the trial by Egypt is an admission of guilt. This is what we read in the final report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the death of the young Italian researcher – kidnapped, tortured and killed in Egypt in 2016 –
which will be approved today. “The failure of the Egyptians to communicate the defendants’ domicile, despite the diplomatic efforts made in order to achieve it, does not result in mere ‘flight from trial’ but seems to constitute a real admission of guilt by a regime that seems to have considered judicial cooperation as a dilatory instrument aimed at recovering the previous level of bilateral relations, and certainly not the main way to bring Giulio Regeni’s killers to justice “, reads. “The setback of the procedural process – continues the Commission – following the order of the Court of Assizes of Rome of 14 October 2021, is of a purely procedural nature and does not in any way prejudice the conclusions reached by the investigating magistracy , fully shared with this Commission in the light of the extensive investigation carried out and the documentation acquired “. The report states that “in the course of its work, the Commission was able to ascertain the qualified and extraordinary role played by the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, effectively supported by the judicial police officers of the ROS of the Carabinieri and by the SCO of the State Police. Despite the evident difficulty of prosecuting crimes committed abroad, and in the absence of a bilateral agreement on judicial assistance, the investigators achieved unexpected results which constitute an important precedent, also in light of the growing need for protection of compatriots abroad in the era of globalization “.” Those responsible for the assassination of Giulio Regeni are in Cairo, within the security apparatuses and probably also within the institutions. The path of truth and justice can find a objective correlative only in the presence of genuine Egyptian collaboration “, he says again the Commission. “If in the first two years – he continues – some results were laboriously and partially achieved, also by virtue of the intransigence maintained by Italy, in the following years nothing but words came from Cairo at the political level, while the judiciary closed hedgehog in an entrenchment that is not only obstructive, but openly hostile and damaging both to the work done by the Italian investigators and to the image of the young researcher, towards which President Al-Sisi himself had used a very different tone “.” The responsibility for the kidnapping , of the torture and killing of Giulio Regeni weighs directly on the security apparatuses of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and in particular on officers of the National Security Agency (NSA), as meticulously reconstructed by the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome “. Thus the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of Giulio Regeni in the final report that will be approved today. “In this regard, the evidential framework, formed during the first phase of judicial cooperation, has been unequivocally consolidated by numerous and converging testimonies, including eyewitnesses”. “Up to now, Italy has legitimately followed the path of judicial cooperation aimed at identifying individuals guilty of the death of Giulio Regeni and it is good that he insists despite the increasingly clear Egyptian boycott that the rhetoric of the words spoken in international meetings can no longer conceal. But on a political level, the time has come to recall Egypt to its responsibilities , as a State, which are very evident and meaningful about the fate of Giulio Regeni and transcend the criminally relevant personal ones of his agents “, the Commission continues.” In all evidence, the lack of cooperation of the Cairo authorities is configured as a objective obstruction to the natural course of Italian justice that demands an adequate political position itica “, then affirms the Commission, adding:” It is in fact intolerable that the Egyptians believe they can violate the most elementary concepts of law with impunity, ignoring that favoring the celebration of the trial, or participating in it by the accused, would not imply the sanction of their guilt, but it would only mean truly and not just formally respecting the Italian legal system. The progressive obstructionist entrenchment of Egypt – the report states – towards the commitment of Italian institutions for the search for truth and justice on the death of Giulio Regeni is well exemplified by the ‘clockwork’ diffusion at the end of last month of April, of a documentary that would reconstruct the young researcher’s stay in Cairo, absolving the Egyptian authorities of all responsibility and covertly re-proposing the trite allusions to a possible espionage activity ascribable to his affiliation to the University of Cambridge. Beyond the topos frankly little more than literary, here it highlights the fact that the film, the realization of which also required the destination of a non-negligible funding, was disseminated on social media in conjunction with the preliminary hearing for the trial. and then broadcast by a notoriously compliant Egyptian television network “.” While paying for its sure good faith, it is perplexing that certain Italian political and military personalities, who have also held important positions, could have been involved in a similar counter-information operation, this is typical of the intelligence apparatuses “, underlines the Commission.

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