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School, quarantine and Dad: who gets to and when, rules


Dec 1, 2021

School, no Dad in the event of the presence of only one infected pupil in the class: therefore the previous rules on quarantine continue to apply. This is what is read in a joint circular from the Ministry of Health and Education relating to the ‘Update of the indications for the identification and management of contacts in cases of SarS-CoV-2 infection in the school environment’. “In light of the indications of the commissioner structure, the provisions of the previous circular are considered to be superseded”, which envisaged the hypothesis of distance learning even with a single case of coronavirus positivity. Read also “It should be noted that, also in consideration of the supervening availability expressed by the commissioner with a note sent on November 30, 2021 – we read – the testing program referred to in circular no. 50079 of November 3, 2021 may be maintained, for the verification of the positivity of the subjects identified as contacts of a class / group, to be carried out extremely quickly, in order to guarantee the control of the infection “. “In consideration of the above, and without prejudice to the provisions of the aforementioned circular of November 3 – the note continues – for the integrated education system for 0-6 years, face-to-face teaching must still be guaranteed for those who do not fall within the quarantine measures ordered by the health authority “. The structure of the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo for his part will intensify testing activities in schools, in order to enhance tracing. Ensuring attendance in person and conducting lessons at school in absolute safety is a government priority. Deans “We find it disconcerting that a note signed by two ministries is suspended after less than 24 hours and that the provisions contained therein are already considered outdated”, commented Antonello Giannelli, national president of the NPC. “We are waiting to see how Commissioner Figliuolo will decide to intervene for finally make the ASL efficient and start the testing and tracing campaign that should guarantee the school in the presence – he added – The managers and staff of the schools, who have done much more than they should, must no longer be asked to replace the officials of the Prevention Departments. “” We were easy cassandre – he had previously said – we had already raised the alarm a few days after the publication of the joint Health-Education note n. 1218 of 6 November last. The schools, despite the many difficulties and with an immeasurable workload on the shoulders of managers and staff, held up. The same cannot be said of the prevention departments that have not been able to guarantee the timing of the tests right from the start and in many cases have not applied those tracing procedures “. Previous circular According to the old circular “lately there has been a rapid and generalized increase in the number of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection, even in school age, with a weekly incidence (cases / population) still growing and equal to 125 per 100,000 inhabitants (11/19/2021 – 11/25/2021): a value far from the optimal one of 50 per 100,000, useful for correct case tracking “. In the new framework of the epidemic “it is considered appropriate to temporarily suspend the ‘surveillance with testing’ program and to consider quarantine for all subjects close contact of a class / group where even a single case has occurred among students and / or school staff “, it read. The provision was commented by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi: “An absolutely prudential measure has been taken. An increase in infections has been reported. For the safety of the school we have taken a moment of caution”.

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