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Omicron variant and vaccine, does it protect or not? What do we know


Nov 30, 2021

Omicron variant and vaccine, what do we know: does it protect or not? Do you need an ad hoc one? As contagions linked to the variant increase, researchers from numerous countries are working to outline the picture linked to Omicron: symptoms, disease and – of course – vaccine efficacy. The first indications, currently unsupported by figures, come from Israel, a ‘locomotive’ country in the vaccination campaign. Three doses of the covid vaccine appear to protect against Omicron, judging by health minister Nitzan Horowitz. Read also Four cases of positivity to the variant have so far been confirmed in Israel. “In the next few days we will have accurate information on the effectiveness of the Omicron vaccine, but there is already room for optimism, and there are initial indications that those who have been vaccinated with a still valid vaccine or booster will also be protected. from the variant, “he said. Ema Should the need arise to adapt the anti-Covid vaccines approved in the EU to the Omicron variant of Sars-CoV-2, the EMA could authorize them within “three to four months, starting from the start of the change process. “, explains for her part the executive director of Ema Emer Cooke, in a hearing at the ENVI commission of the European Parliament, in Brussels.” We are prepared – says Cooke – we know that viruses change and that at some point there will be a mutation that it will mean that we have to change the current approach. For this reason, we approved guidelines for companies in February last year: we haven’t had to use them yet, which is why there are no varied vaccines on the market so far, because in fact, the current vaccines have proven to be effective against the variants circulating in Europe “. Moderna and Pfizer Existing Covid vaccines could be much less effective against the Omicron variant of the virus. This is the alarm raised by the CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, in an interview with the Financial Times, according to which the high number of mutations of the new Spike protein strain and the rapid spread of the variant suggest that vaccines current ones will have to be changed next year. “I think there will be a material decline. good, ‘”said Bancel. Modern and Pfizer are working to possibly modify the vaccine and counter the variant. Moderna could take months to complete the mission, as explained by Bancel. The efficacy of current vaccines against the Omicron variant is unknown. To buffer the eventual emergency, the company could make a booster dose of 100 micrograms available in a short time: “The higher dose could arrive quickly. We could decide to provide a higher dose of the current vaccine to protect perhaps the subjects with high risk, immunosuppressed, and the elderly “who” may need a fourth dose. “Biontech, Pfizer’s partner in manufacturing the other mRna vaccine, announces the start of development of an adapted vaccine as a” precautionary measure. ” The research that will go on in parallel with the study of the nature of the new Omicron variant. “To avoid wasting time, we are pursuing these two objectives in parallel until data is available and we will have no other information to determine whether the currently available Covid vaccine actually needs to be adapted or not,” explains the spokesperson. of the company in an interview with the Dpa. “The goal of this approach is to move quickly in case a new variant-specific vaccine is needed.” our Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 16 and 17. Our hope is to provide strong protection to as many people as possible, particularly in light of the new variant, “tweets Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson will evaluate its Covid vaccine and to do so is testing the blood serum of participants in the completed and ongoing booster studies to verify neutralizing activity against the new mutant. At the same time, the US company is working on a specific vaccine against the Omicron variant and will carry it out as needed. This is what J&J explains in a note in which he takes stock of the activities related to the new mutant. Since the appearance of the Covid pandemic, the note reads, “Johnson & Johnson has closely monitored the new emerging variants of Covid-19. In Collaborating with academic groups in South Africa and around the world, the company has evaluated the efficacy of its vaccine for several variants, including the rapidly spreading new Omicron variant. Omicron, points out Mathai Mammen, Global Head of Janssen Research & Development, J&J, “highlights the importance of ongoing surveillance, testing and vaccinations to prevent hospitalizations and deaths from Covid. We remain confident in the robust humoral and cell-mediated immune responses generated by Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine, demonstrated by the duration and breadth of protection against the variants found so far in clinical trials. “But, added the expert,” we will not limit ourselves to this. Building on our longstanding collaboration with field scientists in South Africa and ongoing clinical practice efficacy studies with Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine, we will work together to generate new data on Omicron. In parallel, we have begun to work to design and develop a new vaccine against Omicron and we will rapidly take it forward in clinical trials if necessary. “WHO With the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid, people, considered frail, are in their 60s and over 60s. travel should be postponed. The warning comes from the World Health Organization, which in a note invites “all travelers to remain vigilant” and “get vaccinated when it is their turn”. targets “ people who are unwell or at risk of developing a serious Covid-19 disease and dying, including people aged 60 and over or those with comorbidities. ” heart disease, cancer and diabetes ”, the WHO states that these people ” should postpone the trip ”.

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