• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid vaccine, Viola: “Error extending the time between first dose and booster”


May 8, 2021

It is a mistake to lengthen the time between the two doses of the anti-covid vaccine. This is the opinion of the immunologist Antonella Viola who, in an interview with the newspaper ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’: “It is risky for two reasons: the first dose protects half or a little more than the effectiveness of the vaccine; at the community level , partial immunity and high circulation of the virus make it possible to generate new variants. The British have adopted this strategy, it is true, but with a very hard lockdown, while we are now also in the process of reopening “. Regarding the patents of vaccines, Viole states that “it is right to increase production, make agreements, give the possibility to more companies, which are able to do so, to produce. But an agreement is needed, while deciding that the patent does not exist. more could create problems because it risks discouraging pharmaceutical companies to work on vaccines. Instead, funds are needed to buy vaccines from poorer countries – added Viola – The mRna technology certainly cannot remain in the hands of only two companies, but Pfizer and Moderna must be recognized for the effort made in this direction, which is extremely important for the future “.” The situation is improving because temperatures rise and the risk of contagion outdoors is low. It is right to proceed with gradual reopening by observing how they affect the Rt index, because a generalized reopening could be nonsense … – added Viola – then there are some things that need to be better defined: I have been to the cinema, 50% of pienza but all on the same side of the room; and then the masks: I have seen too many useless of cloth, I would make the ffp2 mandatory for cinemas and theaters or at least the surgical ones. “” But being outdoors does not mean gathering. The fans were one above the other and many without masks: always risky behavior. – Viola concluded – Instead, we could think of giving back the possibility of gatherings at concerts or events of this type with ffp2 masks and negative pad, as an experiment in Barcelona has shown to be possible “.