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Omicron variant, Bertolaso: “New blow, the only weapon is the vaccine”


Nov 29, 2021

The Omicron variant of Covid “unfortunately is a further blow on the neck of an impressive job that has been done in the last year with vaccinations. We do not know much yet, we are not yet able to make precise predictions on what will be the unfortunately its evolution will unfortunately behave at least like the Delta, so it will create many problems and will soon be the most important variant that will contaminate and infect half of Europe “. This was stated by Guido Bertolaso, coordinator of the vaccination campaign of the Lombardy Region, guest of Rtl 102.5. “Fortunately, I believe that the extremely interesting positive data regarding this patient who was isolated in Milan is that he himself admitted that he had the double vaccination, that he was in overall good health conditions. Again he proved that vaccines are essential to avoid ending up in hospital or worse in intensive care or intensive care “, he added. “Even Omicron in the face of double vaccination does not therefore create those much more negative consequences that we have seen in the past. The only weapon we have, which is an effective and unchecked weapon, is that of vaccines”, underlined Bertolaso. VACCINATIONS IN LOMBARDY – “As regards Lombardy, at the end of this week we should be able to reach the goal of 100 thousand administrations of vaccine doses per day,” said Bertolaso. “In the last two weeks, suddenly there was a tsunami of various events: on the one hand, the age threshold of those entitled to the third dose was lowered to 40, then it was said to be aged 18 and up. At the same time, the latency period between the second and third dose has been reduced from 6 to 5 months and this has produced a flooding that has sent the whole national system a bit haywire “, he explained. “We are organizing, already now the situation has improved a lot as regards the queues and the possibility of booking. By the end of this week we will have to do over 100 thousand third doses a day, otherwise this new wave will not be able to stop it. demonstrated that the peak of this wave will be towards the end of January, so vaccinating with the third dose in February is useless, you have to do it now. The decisive month is this December which starts very early “, he stressed. SUPER GREEN PASS – Bertolaso ​​then observed that “certainly the increase of the first doses depends on the super Green pass which was an operation in my opinion right adopted by the government, which has tightened what were the previous procedures that I have never shared: for example the antigenic pad it serves very little. Everyone in the medical field knows that it has a maximum efficacy of 70%, so one in three is a false or negative or positive “.” Then also this fear that now with the winter and the arrival of all situations of worsening can cause everyone to take the first dose they should have taken a few months ago. Until mid-November we were making about 2,000 first doses a day, now we do over 10 thousand. It is an extremely positive sign that it contributes to trying to create this new dam against the wave that is coming upon us ”, he concluded.

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