• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Flight from India to Bergamo, of the 6 positive 5 with Indian variant


May 7, 2021

Of the six sequenced swabs of Covid positive passengers who landed last Monday from a flight landed in Bergamo from India, five present the Indian variant “type two”, one the English variant. This is what the Ats of Bergamo communicates, which had sent the positive swabs to the Sacco hospital in Milan to perform the RNA sequencing of the virus. The six positive passengers, like all the others on the flight, “will continue the ten-day isolation at Covid hotels as required by the Ordinances of the Ministry of Health relating to measures for the management of the containment of the epidemic specifically for subjects who have stayed in India, as well as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka “, explains the note from Ats Bergamo, which at the end of the quarantine will guarantee another molecular test to all passengers.