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AstraZeneca, second dose and young people: what the regions are doing


On the AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine, the second dose and the administration to young people, the regions in these hours are moving in no particular order. Pending any indications from the CTS on the use of the vaccine for the under 60s, in consideration of the risk of adverse events such as thrombosis, some governors have decided to set new stakes right now. Sicily has suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 60 as a precaution. The provision was adopted with a circular from the general manager of the regional department for health activities and interim epidemiological observatory of the Sicilian Region Mario La Rocca. “It is a decision taken as a precautionary measure, as has been done by other Regions – explains La Rocca to Adnkronos – while waiting for the CTS to decide on the matter”. VALLE D’AOSTA Waiting for further indications and provisions relating to the use of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson by the Technical Scientific Committee of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, the Usl Company of the Aosta Valley has suspended its administration in subjects under 60. This was announced by the same company in a note specifying that the open day of today it has been confirmed but the Astrazeneca vaccine will be replaced for those under 60 with the Pfizer vaccine. Tomorrow the Astrazeneca open day at the Palaindoor in Aosta has been canceled and those who were booked will be vaccinated with Pfizer. Also tomorrow confirmed the Donnas open day with the replacement of Johnson & Johnsos with Moderna while the Sunday open day always in Donnas was canceled and so was the one at Palaindoor in Aosta. UMBRIA Pending the ruling of the Scientific Technical Committee on the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine to the under 60s and on the possible drug change for the second dose, the commissioner for the Covid emergency in Umbria, Massimo D’Angelo, has ordered, as a precaution to today, the suspension of the administration of second doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to all subjects under the age of 60. Following the formal decision of the CTS, the indications on how to conclude the vaccination cycle of citizens under 60 already vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca will be made known. LAZIO “Last night we suspended the reservations and appointments of citizens of the 18-30 age group who have booked the administration of the first dose with AstraZeneca during the open week will be rescheduled with other vaccines”. This was announced by the Lazio Region Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato, during the press conference to present the new booking system for general practitioners. “We await the next decisions that we hope to be clear, rapid and unambiguous by the CTS and the ministry on the methods of use and age groups of the AstraZeneca vaccine,” he added. “It is especially important as regards the recall that will affect the number of second doses – he remarked -. It is an important step that I hope will be resolved”. ABRUZZO “Now, for what has happened, there is the non-acceptance of the Astrazeneca vaccine by the under 50s, so we will continue the vaccination campaign without this type of vaccine”. Thus the Regional Health Councilor of the Abruzzo Region, Nicoletta Verì. “This – he says – also waiting for the indications of the Higher Institute of Health. If the doses are missing compared to the vaccines we have, we will ask for others”. LIGURIA “Now from Rome they express themselves without ambiguity: they believe that increasing vaccinations, and therefore also using AstraZeneca of which we have millions of doses, is it necessary to save lives? And then they assume the responsibility of saying it clearly, without accusing those who follow the indications in this sense. Or is it believed to be doing without AstraZeneca, while slowing down vaccinations, because it is considered too risky? Scientists in Rome have to say this once and for all. Responsibility and clarity. To at least make sure that this dramatic death was not in vain ”. The governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti wrote it on his Facebook page after Camilla’s death after the AstraZeneca vaccine. ” The responsibility of saying to the Ministry of Health, the Medicines Agency, the Institute of Health, the Scientific Technical Committee a clear, definitive and irreversible word on the use of AstraZeneca – he underlined – A serum that has changed its destination at least five times in three months: only under 50, then suspended, then only above 60, then for everyone ‘ ‘. PIEMONTE “Piedmont has always followed the legal guidelines for the use of vaccines and so we will continue to do”. Thus the president of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, interviewed by Adnkronos on the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine for young people. “In the open days dedicated to young people between 18 and 29 we have always chosen to administer Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – explained Cirio – so it was for the Reale Mutua open night on June 5 in which Pfizer and we will do the same for the other moments dedicated to young people that will take place in the next few days “. “The same choice – concluded Cirio – for the open days that start today at Valentino and in Novara for the over 30s in which we will always use Pfizer or, alternatively, Moderna”. “For some time I have been recalling the need for more clarity, more timing and more uniqueness from the national scientific community because our health workers are in the trenches and if the news does not arrive clear, it risks creating confusion ”, he said. added on the sidelines of a visit to the vaccination hub of Frabosa Sottana, in the Cuneo area. ” We are a region that has always been very careful and rigorous – the president reiterated – we have always used vaccines in compliance with the indications of the national plan. that all night open initiatives related to young people in Piedmont have always been made using Pfizer and Moderna, not Astrazeneca, reserved for higher groups ”. ” Now we await this further pronouncement that was announced to us, hoping that it will happen as soon as possible. This is a medical, scientific emergency, and therefore we must do what medical science tells us and we ask medical science to tell us clearly, precisely and in time ”, Cirio concluded.



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