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Internet: Italy meritocracy, ‘government to act immediately, establish connection limit’


Nov 26, 2021

“Our life is taking on worrying characteristics due to a spasmodic relationship between man and electronic devices, telephones or games. It is the new generations who pay the price above all, who prefer the ‘screen’ to direct socializing. A battle that parents cannot win. on their own. It should be the government’s responsibility to establish a connection limit per device, which raises people’s attention quotient for everything around them. ” Thus in a note Meritocrazia Italia. “It would be an important signal – notes Meritocrazia Italia – also for other countries, because it would mean preferring man and humanity to any economic income. After all, the socio-affective, cognitive and emotional characteristics of young and old are strongly affected by the excessive use of technologies, which interferes with relational dynamics and creates new communication models. There are real behavioral distortions, which now end up also affecting school performance, family relationships and the ability to dialogue, while in the future it will be overturned the ability to be citizens and to be part of a community. There is no more time to waste! “. “The risk of pathological addiction is very high. Reduction of emotional sociality, delusions of dominance, sudden mood changes, withdrawal anxiety and increased need are common symptoms. And the greatest danger is that, with the very high prevalence, the disease is underestimated, becoming normality. An Extraordinary Commissioner is appointed – proposes Meritocrazia Italia – who can regulate the connection flows by program in order to make dependence manageable. The telematic interface contribute to creating a dangerous cultural void, feed the wounds of sexting and cyberbulling, unaccustomed to the commitment of reading and make one lose sight of the beauty of reality “.” They numb intelligences and mortify intuition. They cancel personalities. , now entrusted to algorithmic trends. The extent of the phenomenon should – according to the note – induce to review the educational mechanisms, starting from the family context, towards models adapted to new relational habits, to allow minors to make an informed use of the Net, not to be demonized but to be valued in real usefulness. A check on the exposure times of children to television screens, computers, tablets and smartphones could make it possible to avoid that, in the face of a hyper-competence on a technological level, there is a serious incompetence in terms of emotional ties and relationships. Greater dialogue, listening and sharing shorten distances and lead all educators to greater responsibility “.” It is essential – according to Meritocrazia Italia – to restore the lost synergy between family, school and institutions, also for the promotion of alternative offers (ie, initiatives relating to dissemination of books, comics, gyms, cinemas, museums free of charge), the organization of awareness and information campaigns and the establishment of ‘Listening Points’ in the municipal areas to which one can contact anonymously. Meritocrazia Italia has always urged the introduction of the psychologist as a necessary figure in every school, also in order to promptly detect inconveniences and unusual attitudes attributable to addictions. On the other hand, however, it is hypocritical to believe that the problem concerns only the new generations “.” The problem belongs to everyone – underlines Meritocrazia Italia – On the occasion of the fourth International Day on technological addictions, Meritocrazia Italia promotes the initiative ‘Three hours of Stop from internet connections’. For three hours, from 18.00 to 20.00, it will deactivate telephone contacts and suspend the use of social networks. Maximum membership and participation is required, because the difference is made up of small gestures. A specific Authority is born to regulate the indiscriminate use of electronic devices in an institutional way. In addition to Covid-19, think about how to safeguard human minds, especially the most fragile ones “.

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