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Green pass, Nas controls: 778 violations, 2 out of 3 in restaurants and bars


Nov 26, 2021

About 778 violations out of 12 thousand checks relating to the Green pass: 2 out of 3 irregularities concern bars and restaurants. These are the latest data from the control campaign by the Carabinieri Nas on compliance with the obligation of the green pass for access to certain categories of activities and services, also addressing checks to the obligation of possession for workers, introduced by the last 15 October. To date, over 12 thousand activities and businesses have been inspected, contesting 778 violations of the green pass obligation, of which 428 to employers and owners of commercial activities and provision of services subject to Covid certification obligation such as restaurants and bars, betting halls , gyms and beauty and massage centers, held responsible for failure to verify the green pass. A further 350 penalties were applied to customers and users, while 68 were charged to employees engaged in work activities although without a green certificate. The results of the Nas inspections show that 497 penalties (equal to 64% overall) were found at food and beverage administration facilities, such as restaurants, pizzerias and bars, of which 93 involved the failure to control-possession of the green pass from part of the operators of the activities; a further 108 (14%) were challenged in betting rooms, game rooms and recreational activities, 91 (12%) in gyms and swimming pools, as well as 57 (7%) in the context of beauty services and massage centers, for a total value of over 312 thousand euros in administrative fines. The interventions of the Nas also concerned the correct application of the remaining containment measures to the epidemic spread, contesting a further 430 violations due to non-compliance with the sanitation operations, the use of masks, information to users and employees themselves on the rules of behavior and distancing. Temporary closure orders from one to five days were also issued for 25 businesses. The control activities also involved pharmacies and analysis clinics to verify the correct implementation of the provisions relating to the procedures for carrying out rapid tests and swabs for the research of Covid-19. In this regard, 1,200 facilities were inspected, sanctioning, even criminally, 42 managers for having conducted the diagnostic activity in breach of the rules and memoranda of understanding, with unsuitable or unauthorized premises, the omitted use of personal protective equipment, the application of test prices higher than those controlled, as well as the failure to supply the health database used for tracing the infections.

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