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Yellow zone and Super green pass, today ordinance: Friuli and Bolzano at risk


Nov 25, 2021

Yellow zone and Super green pass rules immediately, without waiting for December 6th. Today the Minister of Sallute Roberto Speranza could sanction the passage in the yellow zone of some regions with a first consequence linked to the more consolidated rules: the obligation to wear an outdoor mask would return. Spotlight on Friuli Venezia Giulia and the province of Bolzano, while Veneto is betting on staying in the white zone. Friuli Venezia Giulia and Bolzano could not only leave the white zone from Monday 29 November, but could anticipate – compared to 6 December – the adoption of the measures provided for by the decree establishing the Super green pass. Friuli in particular could play ahead. The Super green pass would allow the vaccinated and the recovered to access activities closed to the unvaccinated: restaurants, bars, stadiums. Read also FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA E BOLZANOA what Adnkronos learns, an interview with the government is in fact underway to verify the possibility of making effective the measures that will be operational in the rest of Italy from next December 6 to January 15. In the region in the last 24 hours, 845 infections have been recorded, with 4 deaths, while 249 patients are hospitalized in other departments and 28 in intensive care. “More restrictive measures, therefore, from Monday – let the Region know to Adnkronos – with the aim of loosening the shirts for the vaccinated and the recovered”. In the province of Bolzano, another 547 positives. Two deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of victims to 1,235. Friuli Venezia Giulia exceeds both threshold parameters for intensive care and ordinary hospitalizations and the autonomous province of Bolzano is at risk, with high incidence values ​​of infections and the lowest share (64.3%) of people who have completed the cycle vaccinal, as emerges from the 75th episode of the Instant Report by Altems, the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems of the Catholic University, on Covid-19 in Italy VENETO AGGRAPPED TO THE WHITE ZONE Veneto breaks through the ceiling of 2,000 daily infections The Rt index is 1.35 while the incidence is 226.1 per 100,000. Occupancy of the beds is 7% for intensive care and 6% for the medical area. “Veneto continues to be a white zone – says the governor Luca Zaia – but the situation outlined in the daily report requires important reflection. The impact of vaccinations is guaranteeing stability in terms of the number of hospitalized patients but the certain thing is that we are in the face of a slow and inexorable increase in contagion with important projections with respect to growth “. HOPE: “FRIDAY THE ORDINANCES” “We are still in a demanding challenge that affects the whole world. The numbers of our country have grown in recent weeks and require even greater caution and attention”, says Speranza in a video link with the congress of Chemists and Physicists. “The government, with the decree approved in the Council of Ministers, has made further choices to better address this phase. These are particularly delicate days because we have just finished approving a decree and” Friday 26 November “will be a day anyway. important because we will have the ordinances that are traditionally done on Fridays and therefore “Thursday” is a day of data analysis as it always happens “.

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