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Vaccine 5-11 years, Crisanti: “Vaccinate my little son? Would I hesitate”


Nov 25, 2021

“If I had a small child, would I vaccinate him? I would be hesitant, I don’t see this rush of children. The priority is the third dose to adults. Children are a false problem.” Professor Andrea Crisanti, director of the microbiology laboratory at the University of Padua, thus answers the questions on the covid vaccine for children aged 5-11. Today the go-ahead from the EMA has arrived, and the Aifa will soon arrive. “I have some conceptual reservations. First, the number of children undergoing the trial: they are objectively few. This trial did not measure transmission but only clinical episodes. Most children do not develop clinical episodes. In fact, we do not know whether to vaccinate the children block the transmission. I would then wait for the data from Israel that it will provide on thousands of children. I do not see the reason for this rush, the children are a false problem “, says Crisanti to Piazzapulita. In the intervention, the expert touches on several topics . “The super green pass goes in the right direction, it eliminates people potentially carrying the infection from circulation. I see some measures that are difficult to implement, such as the one that provides for the use of the green pass to get on the bus. In fact, we do a favor to those who it produces tampons, without any effect. It was easier to foresee the use of the Ffp2 mask, which gives a 98% safety. Those who are buffered should be checked, whoever wears the Ffp2 mask would be easily identifiable “, he says, before dwelling on the quick tampons “A year ago I said that rapid swabs have a much lower sensitivity than molecular swabs. Indiscriminate use of antigenic swabs selects variants that cannot be identified,” he says. “The government must work to make the third dose as soon as possible. The battle is not won only with the vaccine: we need to increase the capacity to make molecular swabs”.

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