• Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

School, Pacifico (Anief): “vaccine or no salary? Paradoxical if you look at the DRC and vexatious because it excludes university students”


Nov 25, 2021

“Unconstitutional, vexatious, illogical, useless”. With four words, Marcello Pacifico, president of the Anief National Association of Teachers and Trainers, liquidates in one fell swoop the new super green pass decree with which the Government imposes the obligation to vaccinate school staff and the third dose, also called booster. “And not least paradoxical – adds Adnkronos – if you look at the citizens’ income earners for whom those who do not work receive something and those who do not work do not. Today we have started the urgent appeal. We want to suspend the implementation of the And on 10 December there will be a general strike, given that the promised resources were not put into the maneuver to put the school at the center of the country “. “In the first place – continues the trade unionist – compulsory vaccination is clearly unconstitutional and vexatious if carried out only against school staff and not towards university staff. It is also illogical because students go to school without the obligation to have a green pass. And then it is useless. : we are moving towards the closure of more and more classes and complexes. In Campania on December 8 there is a discussion about putting all upper secondary schools in dad and in Lombardy there are already 900 quarantined classes “. Last but not least, according to Pacifico “the government cannot think of giving citizenship income to those who do not work and are not vaccinated and at the same time deprive those who have a job because they are not vaccinated. It is an aberrant system. . Inconceivable. We will take the judicial path at all levels – he concludes – with recourse to the community institutions and to the labor courts “. (by Roberta Lanzara)

One thought on “School, Pacifico (Anief): “vaccine or no salary? Paradoxical if you look at the DRC and vexatious because it excludes university students””
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