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Violence against women, Codere launches ‘Red Benches’ awareness campaign


Nov 25, 2021

The leading multinational in the gaming sector in Europe and Latin America has launched its first global and contemporary campaign to raise awareness against gender-based violence. The initiative promoted by Codere was aimed at promoting the “International Day against Violence against Women” in the seven countries where the company operates: Spain, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Panama. during the event it was “violence is never love” to underline that there is a plague in the world that claims 736 million victims a year. The event finds its inspiration in the famous bench painted red by the Italian activist Tina Magenta, in commemoration of the first demonstration against femicide, and the symbolic installation of the red shoes of the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet, in memory of the victims of domestic abuse. The campaign named ‘Red Benches’ saw the positioning of a red bench in every room of Codere, in memory of the women killed by gender-based violence. The intent of the multinational is to create spaces for reporting, remembrance, reflection and information on violence s exist and foster a culture of equality, integration and respect. “At Codere, we are firmly committed to defending the culture of diversity and equality among our collaborators. It is no coincidence – emphasizes Álvaro de Ansorena, corporate director of Personas – our company is made up of a very diversified staff, made up of people of over 43 different nationalities and 40% of women. Therefore, supporting actions of equality, diversity and respect is essential for the organization. This is why we work to raise awareness and eradicate any abusive behavior and this campaign wants to be disruptive in this sense ” Recently Codere launched its Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy, as well as a specific protocol to prevent, address and eradicate workplace violence. During the memorial ceremony, bouquets of roses were placed on each bench and a poem with an emblematic meaning was read, to encourage women in difficulty to take action to stem this type of abuse. “The company’s new approach to CSR represents a perfect platform for channeling and bringing employees and customers closer to this social problem, as a company socially engaged in the contexts in which it develops its business and respecting gender equality and diversity” he stressed. the head of the group’s Personas CSR, Jorge Barreras.

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