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Super Green Pass, anesthetists: “We needed a squeeze to reverse course before Christmas”


Nov 25, 2021

Super Green Pass and new anti Covid measures in Italy to reverse the route before Christmas. Today the judgment of the anesthesiologists is positive. “We needed a significant tightening of the contagion prevention measures,” Alessandro Vergallo, national president of the Italian hospital anesthetists association (Aaroi-Emac), told Adnkronos Salute. “On paper they are quite important and the judgment is overall positive.” “In our opinion – adds Vergallo – there are times to reverse, before Christmas, the route of the current rise of the curve, which fortunately is linear and not exponential”. On the merits, the anesthesiologists consider “the widening of the categories for which the vaccine will be mandatory to be very positive, having also included the police, where we understand that there is a very high percentage of resistance, is a good thing and also right. . While – Vergallo warns – I do not think I have seen in the provision a tightening of the sanctions for those who, for example, violate the provisions of the super Green pass. to date and understand – he concludes – if we must be harsher with those who do not follow the law and put the health of the community at risk “.” There is an increase in hospitalizations in intensive care, we are concerned, above all, with Friuli Venezia Giulia and the province of Bolzano. But the fact that it is a linear and not exponential trend, as it happened in the same period last year, gives us good hope for a slow and linear growth. The system therefore holds and we have confidence in the new measures “. On the possible arrival shortly of the peak of accesses in resuscitation, “we cannot say – he warns – let’s see how the next few weeks go”. to suffer are the indices of health provision for patients awaiting interventions and treatments “, concludes Vergallo.

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