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Covid today Italy, an outdoor mask obligation in the city: here’s where


Nov 25, 2021

Obligatory mask also outdoors, the list of cities that through an ordinance sanction the need to wear the anti Covid device in the city center and in the most crowded and crowded places is extended. To sign today the new restrictions, among others, are the mayors of Milan, Bergamo and Bologna. Read also MILAN Obligation of outdoor masks in the center of Milan to contain the fourth wave of Covid. The ordinance approved by the Municipality provides for this. “From next Saturday, November 27, in Milan from 10 to 22, every day, it will be mandatory to wear a mask even outdoors, along the axis between Piazza San Babila and Piazza Castello”, it says. The obligation remains in force until December 31 and accepts the prefect’s invitation to take all possible measures in the cities to protect people from the possible spread of the coronavirus. The streets included in the provision, piazza Castello, largo Cairoli, via Dante, piazza Cordusio, via Orefici, via and piazza Mercanti, piazza del Duomo, Galleria and corso Vittorio Emanuele II and piazza San Babila, are those that are expected to have an influx of constant and continuous public and for this reason the use of the mask will be mandatory regardless of the presence or absence of gatherings. The provision, explained by the Municipality of Milan, has a “preventive and precautionary” nature in an area of ​​the city particularly affected by events, markets, commercial activities whose development must be protected for the benefit of the safety of families. As regards the other areas of the city, the national legislation already in force since last June 28 provides that in the white area and outdoors it is mandatory to always have the mask with you and above all it is mandatory to wear it in situations where spacing cannot be guaranteed. interpersonal or there are gatherings, for example in a market or in a fair.As agreed with the prefect, checks will be activated by the police and in particular by the local police. As for the patrols of the local police, they will be present in strategic points and in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and above all the first days they will invite and inform citizens of the new obligation which provides for a penalty of 280 euros if paid within five days or 400 euros in the case of failure to comply. This is what was decided by the mayor Giorgio Gori, who today signed the order. Remain in the white zone and not frustrate the efforts made so far to contain the pandemic, prevent the scenarios that are occurring in many European countries: with this explicit objective, Bergamo therefore introduces the obligation in the most crowded and popular places in the city, from Corsarola in Piazza Matteotti. The decision was weighed by the mayor in agreement with the prefect Enrico Ricci and after consulting the trade associations, in line with the measures taken yesterday by the government and in line with that of several other first citizens of our country. The ordinance was signed in the late morning of today. “Obligation to wear a mask in Bergamo in the Christmas shopping streets, in the most popular places and in the markets, from Saturday to December 31 – wrote Gori on Twitter -. We are in the white area and we want to stay there, to avoid limitations of our freedom and closures that would damage economic activities “. Currently, masks are mandatory outdoors only starting from the yellow zone – even if the rules also foreseen for the white zone give the possibility to foresee the obligation to wear the personal protective equipment if it is not possible to guarantee the spacing -, the first epidemiological risk band after the white one, but the Mayors’ decision aims to avoid a further increase in infections, especially in anticipation of particular crowds (such as Christmas markets, Christmas shopping streets, etc.) in the coming weeks. Infections in Bergamo are slowly but steadily growing, although the situation is still under control and, indeed, one of the best in Italy: in recent days the incidence has gone from 26 to 57 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants and 43 people are currently hospitalized at the Papa Giovanni hospital.The list of city streets in which the obligation to wear an outdoor mask is introduced, starting from Saturday 27 November, every day from 10 to 22, includes both places in Bergamo Alta and of Lower Bergamo. Here they are: piazzale degli Alpini, viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, viale Roma, Galleria Fanzago, Largo Porta Nuova, Sentierone, via XX Settembre, via Tiraboschi, piazza Pontida, largo Rezzara, via Borfuro, via Sant’Orsola, via Sant’Alessandro (in the stretch between Largo Rezzara and via Garibaldi), via Tasso, via Pignolo low, piazzetta Santo Spirito, piazza Matteotti, Piazza Cavour, piazza Vittorio Veneto, passage Zeduri, passage Bruni, square in front of the lower station of the Funicular, piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, via Gombito and via Colleoni (Corsarola), piazza Mascheroni, piazza Cittadella, largo Colle Aperto, piazza Vecchia. On New Year’s Eve the obligation extends until 2am the following day. Not only that: the obligation to use the mask outdoors also extends to the markets of the city. The local police are in charge of carrying out the checks: any sanctions for non-compliance with the new measures range from 400 to 3,000 euros. BOLOGNA Obligatory mask also outdoors in the center of Bologna. This is what the ordinance signed today, November 25, by the mayor Matteo Lepore provides in light of the constant growth in the spread of Covid which continues to cause concern and requires interventions that allow the spread of the pandemic to be slowed down also with extraordinary measures, additional to those already provided for by the current regulations. “From November 26, 2021 to January 9, 2022 in the area of ​​the historic center bounded by the ring road boulevards” it will be mandatory “to wear respiratory protection devices even in all outdoor places”, it reads. It was also estimated that, explains the note from the municipality of Bologna, as every year, starting from the next few days and until the end of the holidays, the historic center of Bologna will see a significant influx of people, also arriving from outside the city, attracted from the city liveliness in this period and for reasons related to the usual Christmas shopping. The characteristics of the places and the factual circumstances will not allow to continuously guarantee the distance from non-cohabiting people and therefore it is necessary, in order to protect people’s health, to use masks to prevent the spread of viruses. ordinance are not obliged to wear a mask: children under the age of six; people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask, as well as people who have to communicate with a disabled person in order not to be able to use the device; those who are doing sports. The violation of the provision entails, unless the fact constitutes a crime other than that referred to in art. 650 of the Criminal Code, the administrative sanction for the payment of a sum from € 400 to € 1000. The decision was shared with the Committee for Public Order and Safety which met yesterday. PADUA From midnight today Thursday 25 November, the ordinance wanted by the Mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani which introduces the obligation to wear the mask even outdoors in the area delimited by the fourteenth-century walls of the city of Padua. This ordinance will last until December 31st VENICE A compulsory mask (also outdoors) in some areas of the historic center and the mainland in correspondence with the Christmas events, during which an increase in the influx of people is expected with consequent possibility for the creation of gatherings. This is established by an ordinance signed by the mayor Luigi Brugnaro, in reference to some events that will take place starting from the Feast of the Madonna della Salute. In detail, the ordinance establishes that “it is compulsory to wear surgical or community masks, or disposable washable masks, also self-produced, in multilayer materials suitable to provide an adequate barrier and which allow to cover from the chin to above the nose, with the exclusion of devices with filters, at fairs and markets, starting with the Festival della Madonna della Salute scheduled from tomorrow, to continue with the Epiphany Christmas Fairs and the related markets: and they will also be mandatory in every road section affected by the activation of pedestrian one-way streets and on any other occasion of time and place in which it is not possible to respect the interpersonal distance “The obligation, it continues,” does not apply to children under the age of six and for those with disabilities not compatible with the continued use of the mask. Commercial operators must also, in addition to wearing the mask themselves, make hand sanitizing products available to customers, in particular alongside the payment systems. “The provisions, it is specified, are valid on the dates indicated and in the time slot from 9 am to 11 pm. In the introduction to the device it is specified how it was considered that “in the course of the aforementioned events in particular, occasional situations, even sudden ones, could arise, in which the spacing of at least one meter provided for by the regulations could not be guaranteed” and ” taking into account that in particular in the fairs that take place in the ancient city, it is expected that there will be thousands of pedestrians on the move, so much so that – if necessary – one-way pedestrian streets in the neighboring areas “. provision arises after having acknowledged that “a progressive increase in infections from the” Covid-19 “virus is underway, as confirmed by daily monitoring of the Aussl 3 Serenissima “. “For the violation of this ordinance – it concludes – the administrative pecuniary sanctions provided for by the current laws are applied”

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