• Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Covid: Italy meritocracy, ‘super green pass or super chaos’


Nov 25, 2021

“Between conspiracy theorists and scientific professors, between Vax and non Vax, between compulsory and non-compulsory vaccines we are heading for a battle that will have neither winners nor winners. In this ambiguous framework, the best formula does not exist but at least that one could be useful. that breaks down the information chaos. You cannot be invited to get vaccinated by having five disclaimer sheets signed because it would be equivalent to stating that between the covid and the vaccine you choose which risk to run, given that the vaccine is not always safe and the covid is not always lethal. It cannot even be said that not being vaccinated is the best option because the freedom we live today between personal and professional relationships has been objectively guaranteed by the “arm” (vaccination) of many Italians “. This is what is observed in a well-known Italian Meritocracy. “At this point it would be important to create an international or at least European scheme given that there are neighboring states that do not have large numbers of vaccinated people who could create the same problem for our country even if we had to vaccinate 100% of our population. To the super Green Pass – notes Meritocrazia Italia – the European Card Pass should happen, which can completely regulate the movements of citizens, safeguarding the choice between those who want and those who do not want to get vaccinated, unless one does not opt ​​for the mandatory vaccine. highlights, however, the firm opposition to the vaccination of the little ones until there should be a serious and definitive scientific credibility regarding this choice. The uncertainty generated by a lack of credibility in institutions that seem lacking in vision together with an ambiguity of fragmentary and non-system measures, are combined, in one, with an info campaign inadequate and not very transparent communication and a media bombardment that feeds on the contrast between opposing positions, fueling doubts “. Italian Meritocracy invokes” the free self-determination of citizens until serious choices are made by Europe and the State they assume the responsibility of introducing a vaccination obligation, in fact surreptitiously favored by the mandatory nature of green certification for access to activities and services, now reinforced with the new measures. The green pass – points out Meritocrazia Italia – cannot exhaust the recovery strategy. We need scientific data that are capable of adopting measures aimed at soliciting responsible conduct on the part of citizens. The limit of tolerance is now crossed by an information chaos increasingly present in our daily lives and it would be desirable that finally we can witness international decisions that trace a single way out of this dangerous pandemic “.

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