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Super green pass, Crisanti: “People walking around with quick swabs is a problem”


Nov 25, 2021

The Super green pass Italy? According to the virologist Andrea Crisanti “it is something altogether reasonable to prevent potentially infected people from accessing the premises”, as we aim to do by binding the attendance of bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters to the possession of the reinforced Green pass, valid only for vaccinated and cured. “But the real problem is to continue to send around many people with antigenic tampons” as a pass, “beyond the fact that they cannot enter the premises”, the virologist underlines to Adnkronos Salute, thus commenting on some of the main points of the decree law with the new anti-Covid measures in view of Christmas. For the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, therefore, the problem of rapid antigenic swabs remains unresolved, that is the opportunity to use them for the purposes of the green certificate, given the greater risks of false negatives. But he also expresses some doubts about the duration of the Green pass. According to Crisanti, in fact, the ideal was to align its validity with the 6 months considered critical threshold for the decline in vaccine protection. And in any case, observes the expert, “between vaccinated in the first hour and people who used tampons” as a pass, “a large part of the population now risks not having the pass. It should also be considered that those vaccinated for less than 6 months are very few. So we go back to the starting point: the key are the third doses and we must aim to accelerate on this front “. Then there is the measure that extends the requirement for an anti-Covid vaccine to new categories. A step forward? “Not to save Christmas – replies the virologist – but to get people vaccinated”.

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