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Citizenship income, 65 ‘smart guys’ discovered in Monza


Nov 25, 2021

Operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Monza against the so-called “citizenship income cunning” in Brianza. 65 Brianza denounced accused of having received, without having the right to, the public subsidy. Over 350 thousand euros the contributions unlawfully reconstructed during the interventions carried out, throughout the provincial territory, by the financiers of the Monza group and the companies of Seregno and Seveso, aimed at verifying the applicants’ possession of the requisites of integrity, citizenship, residence , income and assets, with respect to the self-declarations submitted. The investigative activity – originated both from the risk analysis of the special component of the financial police in the matter of facilitated social benefits and from the transversal enhancement of the intelligence activity and information assets in the field of undeclared work, contrasting illicit trafficking, economic control of the territory and the submerged company – focused in particular on the position of some beneficiaries, previously identified for their high risk profiles, with the extension of the economic and asset assessments to the members of their respective families. unduly beneficiaries (of which you are of non-EU origin), 35% did not meet the integrity requirements, as recipients of a personal precautionary measure and / or definitively convicted, in the ten years preceding the request, for a serious crime. Among these, a Monza citizen who unduly received 8 thousand euros as he was subjected to arrests, in the period of disbursement of the economic benefit, following a definitive criminal sentence of conviction issued by the judicial authority also for mafia-type association, in the development of the ‘Oversize’ operation conducted against a criminal organization headed by a boss of the ‘Ndrangheta, currently detained under the 41-bis regime. check in violation of the relevant legislation, thirteen were subjected to the precautionary measure of arrest in prison and house arrest, including ten citizens of Monza, under arrest (for various reasons) for money laundering and criminal association, aggravated robbery, private violence and scam, aggravated theft, gender-based violence and revenge porn, receiving stolen goods, abusive possession of weapons and false nummario, abuse of ani evils; a resident of Muggiò, arrested in the act of crime for drug trafficking; a town of Busnago, in prison for theft; a resident of Limbiate subjected to house arrest for robbery, aggravated theft and abusive carrying of arms. There are eight illegitimate applicants for the contribution burdened, at the time of submitting the application, by the accessory penalty of disqualification from public office, including three citizens of Monza with convictions for money laundering, aggravated robbery, receiving stolen goods and aggravated theft, a resident of Concorezzo convicted of exploitation of prostitution and possession of drugs, an inhabitant of Mezzago convicted of sexual violence and mistreatment in the family and two citizens of Biassono, convicted of fraudulent and fake bankruptcy. Other cases concerned a resident of Seregno who did not meet the residency requirement as she returned less than two years from the United Arab Emirates, a resident of Cesano Maderno who falsely declared her unemployment despite having a job in Switzerland for several years, a Romanian citizen with ‘ghost citizenship’, caught driving in the municipality of Varedo aboard a car with a foreign license plate and in possession of the ‘Citizenship Income Card’. (DSU) submitted to the INPS, with omitted or untrue data that conditioned the correct calculation of the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator – Isee. Among these, four subjects who have not declared winnings obtained on their online gaming accounts for over 76,000 euros (one of which with amounts wagered for 345,000 euros); four people for failure to indicate the income actually received; another eight subjects due to inconsistency on the real estate units owned, two for failure to indicate the vehicles and other durable goods in possession and, finally, seven subjects for indication of expired lease contracts or for having provided inaccuracies on the composition of the family unit. The results of the investigations carried out were communicated, as well as to the judicial authority, also to the competent INPS offices for the activation of the measures of forfeiture, revocation, suspension or reduction of the benefits unlawfully provided and the initiation of the necessary recovery actions. of undue received.

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