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A lot of rain in these hours, what awaits us at the weekend


Nov 25, 2021

Bad weather does not give up Italy, with lots of rain and snow at lower and lower altitudes. An intense perturbation driven by a vortex centered on the Balearic Islands is sweeping our country and will trigger a widespread perturbed phase that will culminate in an irruption of polar air over the weekend. Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of iLMeteo.it warns that today thunderstorms and heavy or very abundant rains will hit above all Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily, Calabria and Puglia, but it will also rain on the rest of the regions. From Friday, colder and colder air will begin to flow in at high altitude. Other strongly disturbed impulses will hit hard the Tyrrhenian regions from Tuscany to Campania also with storms in Rome and Naples. Snow will fall on the Alps above 800-1000 meters, from 1300 meters on the Apennines and in Sardinia. With the arrival of the weekend the cold air will become more and more incisive and in addition to causing heavy rains on the Tyrrhenian regions, continuous and persistent on Campania, the snow will drop further in altitude. In the Alps it will descend to the valley, while in the Apennines and in Sardinia even in the hills (800 meters). In addition to the rainfall, there will be a clear strengthening of the winds that will blow impetuously from Libeccio and then from Mistral with intense storms along the exposed coasts. Temperatures will begin to drop first in the North, then at the weekend also in the rest of the regions with values ​​well below the average for the period. Today Thursday 25 November – In the north: overcast sky with rain, snow at 900 / 1200m. In the center: bad weather in Tuscany, Lazio, Sardinia, then Umbria and the Adriatic Sea. In the South: it gets worse and worse everywhere, storms over Sicily, Calabria and Puglia by evening. Friday 26 November – In the north: bad weather on Friuli Venezia Giulia, snow on the Triveneto Alps at 900m, more sun elsewhere. Center: intense bad weather in western Sardinia, Tuscany and Lazio, rain in Umbria and Marche. In the south: storms in Campania and northern Calabria, especially Tyrrhenian. Saturday 27 November – In the north: snow on the Triveneto Alps at 700m, in the evening it gets worse in Lombardy. Center: bad weather in western Sardinia, Tuscany and Lazio, rain in Umbria. Snow in the hills. In the south: storms in Campania and on the Tyrrhenian coast. Sunday, it improves in the north, bad weather on the Tyrrhenian and in Sardinia with snow at 800 meters.

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