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Super green pass Italy, government ok: rules from 6 December


Nov 24, 2021

Super green pass in Italy, unanimous green light from the government. The new rules – which will be included in a decree and will limit the activities of non-vaccinated people – after the approval of the Council of Ministers will be valid from 6 December and will be in force in the white zone until 15 January. The Super green pass will be used in particular to access restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theaters, bars, stadiums, discos and even hotels. The negative buffer remains sufficient for commuting to work and for traveling on high-speed trains and airplanes. Read also There is no news in relation to the validity of the swabs. “The types and duration of tampons remain unchanged” in the new decree. The duration of the negative ‘response’ remains 72 hours for the molecular and 48 for the antigenic. even more incisive at the local level, where the incidence of the virus and the hospital situation require it. Local administrators should be put in a position to be able to decide even limited lockdowns at a territorial level.The vaccination obligation, according to the draft of the decree, will also be provided for the police forces – the entire security sector – and the school staff. The obligation – hitherto envisaged for health and RSA personnel – will therefore be extended to these other two categories and in the event of failure to vaccinate, the suspension from work will be triggered. “The act of ascertaining the non-fulfillment – reads the draft viewed by Adnkronos – determines the immediate suspension of the right to carry out the work activity, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to retain the employment relationship. For the period of suspension, no remuneration or other remuneration or emolument, however named, is due. The suspension is effective until the person concerned communicates to the employer of the start and subsequent completion of the primary vaccination cycle or administration of the dose of recall”.

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