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AstraZeneca, Viola: “Second dose should not be done, use mRna vaccines”


“This time I’m not holding on, the second dose” of AstraZeneca “should not be done”. Immunologist Antonella Viola is adamant after the death of an 18-year-old, Camilla Canepa, from a thrombosis that occurred after the administration of the first dose of AstraZeneca. “It is said that we have a lower number of” thrombosis “cases in the second doses but this is due to the fact that we have done few second doses, we do not have enough data to rule out that there is a risk. Thrombotic events have also occurred following of the second doses. So please don’t repeat the mistake and let’s move towards a different second dose for young people, especially young women, “Viola tells Eight and a half. “I am against the recall with AstraZeneca, it takes courageous action: we decide an age group, 50 years could be correct. Below this threshold, the booster is done with an mRna vaccine. We do not subject people to unnecessary risks , it takes an act of force to say that the second dose is done with mRna vaccines, “he adds. “For months – I remember – I have been writing that this vaccine is not suitable for young women. A mistake was made, the EMA should not have said that it is advisable to” use the vaccine for the over 60s. ” to say that it was only used over the age of 60 and AIFA should have done the same thing. There was a line that was too soft, there was a rush to vaccinate a large number of people and to say ‘we are running’. neglected a determining factor: we are not all the same and vaccines are not all the same, we had this data and we knew that the risk in young women outweighs the benefits. Despite this, the regions have decided to hold these Open Days ignoring the AIFA recommendation and someone paid for it. “mRna vaccines should be used as a second dose for those who received the first dose of AstraZeneca and should not be associated with the need for a third dose. “We also have to be very careful with a commercial campaign. There is no reason at this time to believe that we will need a third dose. The first people vaccinated, have been vaccinated for 9 months and are still all protected. It does not mean that since tenth month we will not be protected, we have no data from the tenth month. It is very likely that we will see protection a year, two years or maybe more. If the virus were to change so much and we were to see that vaccinated people get infected and get sick , at that point we should think about a third dose but with a different vaccine. At the moment there is no reason to say that a third dose is needed “, he concludes.



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