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Super green pass Italy, decree: duration, rules, vaccine obligation


Nov 24, 2021

Super green pass in force in Italy from 6 December without rules – which do not provide for restrictions for vaccinated people – included in a decree illustrated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “The first area of ​​the decree has to do with the” vaccination “obligation already in force for health and RSA personnel. We extend the obligation to non-health personnel working in the health sector, law enforcement and the military , to all school staff “. “A second area of ​​intervention concerns the extension of the use of the green pass, today we are taking a further step forward: it is extended to hotels, inter-regional rail transport and local public transport. It is also extended to the changing rooms of all activities. The green pass until now lasted 12 months, the Technical Scientific Committee has indicated the suitable duration in 9 months on the basis of the vaccine holding capacity. The third area of ​​intervention built in the decree has to do with the so-called green pass reinforced “, says Speranza.” We believe that in this phase of the epidemic, for the period between 6 December and 15 January, the reinforced green pass will be introduced: the green certificate can only be obtained in the event of vaccination or recovery. the moment you make a choice of this type, there is a very positive element that I would like to emphasize. In case of color transition of the region “from the white area to the yellow, orange or red area” and we would enforce restrictions for vaccinated people. The strengthening of the green pass serves to avoid closures and reductions in capacity “, he continues.” The fourth area of ​​intervention concerns controls: the decree indicates a procedure for strengthening controls in all places where use the green pass “, says the minister.

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