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Third dose, Hope: “From 1 December for over 18s”


Nov 24, 2021

Third dose of anti-Covid vaccine from 1 December for all over 18. This was announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, during the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers which approved the decree on the new anti-Covid measures. “From 1 December it will be possible to book and take a booster dose of” anti-Covid vaccine “over the age of 18. In recent days – he explained – we have already made the choice that goes in the direction of an advance on the possibility of having the recall at 5 months. This indication has already been formalized by the Italian drug agency Aifa, the opinion already published in the Official Journal and from today it is possible to have the recall at 5 and no more at 6 months “from the second dose. Now we are preparing a further modification that will be in force from 1 December and that puts us in a position to further expand the registry of people who are entitled to the booster dose. Until now, this audience was limited to people over 40 years old “, from 1 December it opens from 18 years upwards.” We have an advantage, also due to the courageous choices made in the previous months – said Speranza – and we want to try to preserve it by anticipating the virus “. As for the decisions made in today’s Cdm, he explains that” we extend the use of the Green pass in particular to hotels, and it is a way to help our accommodation facilities especially to face the coming months that will be important months, to regional and interregional rail transport and also to local public transport. Furthermore, we also extend it to the changing rooms of all sports activities, including outdoor ones “. In the decree approved today” there are 4 essential areas of intervention. A first area has to do with the question of the requirement “of an anti-Covid vaccine,” now in Italy already in force for some categories “, that is,” health professionals and all RSA workers, including non-health personnel “who work in these residential structures. “We extend this obligation to further categories: first of all to non-health personnel who work in the rest of the health sector, for example in hospitals. We also extend it to the police, the military and even to all school staff “.” The extension of the obligation – he pointed out – will also concern the third dose, or the recall for people who have taken the single dose of J&J. ” “The Green pass until now lasted 12 months. There was a pronouncement by our Technical Scientific Committee, which instead indicated the suitable duration in 9 months, on the basis of the vaccine’s holding capacity after the weeks and months have passed “.

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