• Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

School, dad suspended at Nomentano busy, the principal: “it’s a minority dictatorship, I am wary of CGIL”


Nov 24, 2021

Dad suspended at the Nomentano scientific high school occupied since last Monday where the principal, Giulia Orsino, had chosen distance learning to guarantee the right to study for non-occupying students. The decision was taken in the Institute Council, voted by the relative majority. Against 15 participants three professors, four students and a parent. “It is a dictatorship, the right of a few prevails over that of many”, the Director comments to the Adnkronos, recalling that the high school is attended by 1,750 students, while the occupants are 350. “I’m very angry. The trade unions got in the way. . I received a letter on Monday and a warning yesterday from the CGIL inviting me to withdraw the circular for anti-union activities. But I wonder: what would be the interest of the teacher? boys said they are supported by the largest trade union. But are the students workers? Since when have they had a union? “. “Yet even the director of the USR Lazio, Pinneri, assured me this morning: ‘I support you’. But in Italy you have to surrender to the arrogance of the minority” “The demands of poor families, who, having children at home, ask for the dad, are legitimate, but those who should have the children’s interest at heart don’t care. 350 students win out of 1,750, they force their classmates to stay at home and do nothing and they tell me that parents who ask for distance learning must understand that there is employment! Let’s talk about it “, continues the principal in the outburst. “I have a mother who writes to me: help me, my son had just picked up the pace. I can’t help her. I was attacked by everyone, except by her parents. It’s the climax: the right to a crime is defended rather than a constitutionally guaranteed one. like the one under study “. Is the emperor naked in a pandemic? “That’s right, naked.” (by Roberta Lanzara)

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