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Covid today Piedmont, 650 infections and 6 deaths: bulletin 24 November


Nov 24, 2021

There are 650 new coronavirus infections today 24 November in Piedmont, according to data from the latest covid-19 bulletin. There are another 6 deaths. The Crisis Unit of the Region announces the new cases, of which 310 identified after antigenic tests, are equal to 1.3% of 50,762 swabs performed, of which 42,124 antigenic. The asymptomatic are 377 (58%). There are 383 screening cases, 246 case contacts, 121 with ongoing investigation. The total of positive cases becomes 398,823, of which 32,837 Alessandria, 19,218 Asti, 12,564 Biella, 57,245 Cuneo, 30,878 Novara, 212,417 Turin, 14,828 Vercelli, 14,218 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 1,651 residents outside the region, but in charge of the structures Piedmontese healthcare systems. The remaining 2,967 are under development and territorial assignment. There are 29 hospitalized in intensive care, unchanged from yesterday. Non-intensive care patients are 318, -9 compared to yesterday. There are 7,820 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 9,550,517 (+ 50,762 compared to yesterday), of which 2,475,897 tested negative. Six deaths of positive people in the Covid-19 test, one of today, were reported by the Crisis Unit of the Piemonte region. The total therefore remains 11,876 deaths tested positive for the virus, 1,593 Alessandria, 725Asti, 439 Biella, 1,469 Cuneo, 952 Novara, 5,673 Turin, 542 Vercelli, 377 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 106 residents outside the region, but who died in Piedmont. The healed patients became a total of 378,780 (+ 416 compared to yesterday), 30,709 Alessandria, 18,077 Asti, 11,919 Biella, 54,697 Cuneo, 29,440 Novara, 202,315 Turin, 14,018 Vercelli, 13,506 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 1,533 extraregion and 2,566 in phase of definition.

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