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Violence against women, psychotherapist Cialdella: “Pandemic has exacerbated the problem”


Nov 24, 2021

“The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women continues to be a day in which we find ourselves giving a bitter report of the victims of femicide: since the beginning of 2021 there have been 103, one every three days; only 27 percent of women report and one in three victims has zero income “. This was stated by Maddalena Cialdella, psychologist and psychotherapist, president of the Aires Onlus association which deals with the prevention and treatment of discomfort in developmental age, foster care and family relationships, adolescents, abuse and femicides. “The uncertainties about work and health due to the pandemic, the need to reduce social contacts and the discomfort for sharing the confined spaces of the house – adds the psychotherapist – have exacerbated the situations of violence so the pandemic from Covid was accompanied by the pandemic of violence, the result of the pandemic of ignorance, because violence is the symptom of a culture that does not provide for tolerance “. “The months we have behind us have had an ambivalent impact on family and couple relationships – continues Cialdella – There are situations in which people have managed to renegotiate relationships and reformulate intra-family conflicts by taking the forced closure inside the house as an opportunity . In other cases, the restricted living space and the daily closeness have exacerbated already distorted relationships, exposing previous difficulties. The lack of adequate social, parental and institutional support is certainly one of the elements that most contribute to curbing the rebellion. The victims they find themselves alone, frightened by the constant threats of their partner, without the certainty of a concrete escape route and therefore the path of reporting is full of second thoughts “. In recent years a lot has been done but much remains to be done. “Institutions must do their part – says the psychologist in conclusion – in terms of prevention and protection. There is a need for specialized training at many levels: from psychologists who are called to take care of the victims, to the magistrates who handle all the days of violence. But above all there is a need for a cultural revolution that teaches acceptance, tolerance and profound respect for the other. Because love has nothing to do with possession. The drive to property is fruit of a patriarchal culture that must be able to change through a sentimental education, an emotional literacy that teaches us to recognize the other and to love without chains ”.

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