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Savoia, Emanuele Filiberto: “The jewels of the House must first be returned, then perhaps exhibited”


Nov 24, 2021

“The jewels are returned ‘to whoever by right’ or to the House of Savoy and then, this is my wish, they will be exhibited in an exhibition open to the public, in Rome at the Scuderie del Quirinale or perhaps at the Royal Palace of Turin, as for the jewels of the English Royal House. I would see Palazzo Koch, headquarters of the Bank of Italy, less suitable, because it must be a place that has direct links with the House of Savoy “. This is the position expressed by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, reached by AdnKronos in the Californian dawn in Los Angeles, on the jewels that were delivered by King Umberto II of Savoy in the hands of the then governor of Bank of Italy, Luigi Einaudi, on 5 June of 1946 in the aftermath of the institutional referendum which saw the Republic prevail over the Monarchy. Emanuele Filiberto reiterates: “These are jewels of the House of Savoy, acquired by the House of Savoy, they have nothing to do with the Italian government; and must go back to the heirs of the House of Savoy”. To be exposed or to be taken ‘home’? “The restitution must not be at stake, because these jewels are not seized by the Italian Republic, they are simply kept at the Bank of Italy: as if they were in a safe”. But you certainly cannot go to Via Nazionale and ask to open the ‘safety deposit box’ … “In my opinion, if all the four heirs came to request them, as in a simple inheritance, they would be in great difficulty in saying to no, I wouldn’t bet on it … But things have to be done well, starting the right process to unlock the jewels, return them to the Savoy and then hopefully exhibited to the Italian public and to tourists arriving from abroad “. Emanuele Filiberto tells us again. : “I had a long conversation with Mario Draghi, when he was president of the Bank of Italy and we talked about jewels: he was very willing to see what could be done to unlock them. Then unfortunately, or fortunately …, he went at the ECB and things stopped there. Everything is always very complicated, with a country like Italy that constantly changes its government, which has more important crises than the solution of this affair and where when it comes to the Savoy family it always becomes much more complicated … “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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