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Covid, 66% hospitalized patients did not receive any vaccines


Nov 24, 2021

Two out of three covid patients did not receive a single dose of the vaccine. In ICU, 70% of vaccinated covid patients have other serious illnesses or are immunosuppressed. The risk of ending up in intensive care is twice as high for unvaccinated patients as for vaccinated ones. This is the picture outlined by the report of the sentinel hospital network set up by the Italian Federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso). “66% of hospitalized” for Covid “did not receive any dose of vaccine or did not complete the vaccination cycle. It should also be noted the particularly high weight of comorbidities among vaccinated: 70% of vaccinated patients finished in resuscitation are affected by heart disease, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neoplasia, or these are dialysis, transplanted or immunosuppressed patients, on whom vaccination failure caused precisely by the diseases may have occurred “, reads. in consideration of the clinical conditions of the patients. The study confirms “how vaccination status and comorbidity affect health status”. The percentage of “unvaccinated and comorbid patients admitted to intensive care is slightly lower, equal to 62%, a figure that is still high – underlines the report – which indicates the need to pay great attention to the frail (to be considered priority for vaccinations, first, second or third dose, but also for normal preventive measures) “. “The numbers confirm that the average age of those who end up in intensive care is lower among those who are not immunized: patients vaccinated in resuscitation are on average 68 years old, while the unvaccinated are 62 years old”, remarked Fiaso. The data of the last week show an increase of “11.5% in Covid hospitalizations in one week”. The third monitoring, with the detection of the numbers carried out on 23 November in the 16 hospitals identified, “recorded 697 patients admitted to Covid wards of which 88 (12.6% of the hospitalized) in intensive care”. The analysis of the data makes it possible to evaluate “the risk of ending up in intensive care on the basis of vaccination status: 16% of unvaccinated hospitalized patients are in resuscitation compared to 8.9% of vaccinated hospitalized patients. The risk is therefore double among the vaccinated patients. not vaccinated “.

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