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School, Lazzari (psychologists): “Occupations are the group’s cry of malaise, the long wave”


Nov 24, 2021

The hot autumn of student occupations “is the long wave of a wake-up call. It doesn’t surprise me what is happening. It has accumulated and not adequately seen and understood the psychological malaise of our children. It seems to me that we are behind the measures that should have been adopted and the answers that should have been given. The post-pandemic school must be built. It must have a formative function, of listening, of orientation, not of transmitting content as it happened 50 years ago ” . Thus the president of the Order of Psychologists, David Lazzari, who, framing the possibility of having recourse to dad during occupations, states: “You cannot express a generalized judgment. You need to understand the spirit: if you use dad to increase dialogue and relations with the boys, fine; if to stem the sense of the protests, then it’s not good “. “I don’t go into political analyzes. Mine is a technical-scientific and professional evaluation: Youthful malaise can emerge in various forms, on an individual but also collective level. Occupations are the manifestation of group discomfort”. Lazzari recalls that “one of the boys’ requests was psychological counseling in the school world, not for curative purposes but for prevention and listening. But little has been done. The pandemic must therefore teach us to do better because the lid can rise in different ways. “. As a reminder, both “the use of requests for psychological help which among adults settles at around 40%, while among young people – he notes – it has exceeded 60%”. “It depends on the spirit. Children need listening and answers that really go to intercept their needs – replies the president of the Order of Psychologists – From the dialogue with young people, mature requests come out. Students want a school that helps them. to orient oneself in the world, let it be the compass “. The ban is therefore overworked and rushed to recovery with days of lessons dedicated to classwork and questions that the children perceive in a sanctioning way: “retaliation is useless and counterproductive. But it must be said that here in reality two are confronted discomforts: that of students and that of professors. Both categories are stressed by the pandemic. They must be understood and helped. But the school – he concludes – cannot be just the transmission of notions in 2021 “. (by Roberta Lanzara)

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