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Covid today Italy, Galli: “Worse than expected, we risk another year like this”


Nov 24, 2021

“Things are going worse than expected, I fear” that the covid pandemic will not end “anytime soon. If next year we could still ask ourselves what Christmas will be like? There is this possibility, but I hope it won’t be”. The infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, formerly in charge of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco hospital in Milan, responds to Un giorno da pecora on the picture of the covid epidemic, in the midst of the fourth wave. “Some of my colleagues – recalls the expert – hope that the third dose” of vaccine “will give a very important ‘blow’ in general” so that a good part of the population acquires “permanent immunity. I frankly do not know this. a virus – explains the infectious specialist – that changes enough to be able to force us into a relationship with him in perspective like the one we have with the flu, that is: run after the modifications and redo vaccinations in relation to this. at least, and for an undetermined number of months, I hope not years, it’s up to go after him and try to stay out of trouble “.” What matters a lot – adds Galli – is how many vaccinated we have, also because a vaccinated has a chance of get infected 5-6 or perhaps several times lower than those who are not vaccinated “. According to Galli, it is advisable to use the mask outdoors, especially in crowded contexts such as stadiums:” It is necessary and I recommend to use it because it is still ade sso we need it “, above all” if we want to continue hoping to keep the stadiums still half-full like all the other meeting opportunities “.

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