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Vassallo, Migliorino (Antimafia): “It was not an impetuous murder, decided by high criminal circles”


Nov 24, 2021

“It’s not a rush murder, if she had been angry with the mayor she would have found out.” This was stated to Adnkronos by M5s deputy Luca Migliorino, coordinator of the Committee, set up within the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, which investigates the investigative elements relating to the murder of Angelo Vassallo, the “fisherman” mayor of Pollica (Salerno) killed on 5 September 2010 in circumstances not yet clarified. According to Migliorino, it seems rather a crime “decided by high criminal circles”. “Angelo was killed by a person, 9 shots were fired from the same weapon and not more than one gun was used – he observes – But to organize the crime there were at least two-three-four people, this is a well-established fact” . Why didn’t the investigation come up with a solution? “I think that the investigators have really investigated at 360 degrees – explains Migliorino – They were almost sure that they had arrived at those who had committed the murder: based heavily on this line, it is possible that they have overlooked some others”. “The question is: who can commit such an important murder and go unpunished for 11 years? – reflects Migliorino – If it had been an outburst murder or for other reasons outside the criminal scene, the crime itself, to avoid the great attention that then there was, he would have made it clear who did it, instead who did it had such high protection that there was not even a revenge on the part of organized crime “. “It is difficult to keep a secret for so long when the people who participated are more than one”, he continues. “All our investigations lead to Vassallo as a mirrored and truly clean person who wanted to preserve his area, he was a symbol of mayors of Italy. His straightforward way, like a father trying to give the right way, his saying ‘no’ because he wanted to preserve the territory from illegal business, has bothered many people also from the point of view of economy “, observes Migliorino.” Even if a long time has passed, these are cases that are not certain cannot be solved “, explains Migliorino, recalling that” after the Vassallo murder there were consequences, other investigations started, which for example led to the ‘Frontiera’ operation with the destruction of the Muto clan “. And maybe just through “connections” with other investigations born later and thanks to a “broader vision” years later “I do not lose hope that the Salerno prosecutor can give us the truth and maybe get to Angelo’s murderer”, he continues the coordinator of the Committee of the Anti-Mafia Commission, which investigates the investigative elements relating to the murder of Angelo Vassallo. Meanwhile, the Committee coordinated by Migliorino continues its work: “The murder of Angelo Vassallo is a very particular case that is dealt with by the Anti-Mafia Commission. Eleven years later we find ourselves making an investigation into a case on which there has never been a trial. The documents we have are strictly confidential, to be studied and consulted exclusively in the Commission’s archives. the objective is to listen to those who have been protagonists of this sad story, to draw up a report which will then also be sent to the prosecutor so that he can act accordingly. are important to give clarity to family members “. “This story was brought to the attention of the news especially by Dario and Massimo, two of Angelo’s brothers. They were very tenacious, two people I have never seen ‘give up’, and also through the work of the Foundation, they held high attention on the case “, observes Migliorino. Last summer the Commission carried out a mission in Pollica:” It is different to look at the images shot by the investigators with the video camera and see them live – explains the M5s deputy – The inspection was important to see the places and understand the facts, we understood why the murder took place in that place and not somewhere else, we understood the escape routes. I was also struck by the fact that many locals do not speak clearly: I’m not referring to the whole country, but many are conspiratorial and don’t want to say everything they know “. “Even in carrying out some hearings in the Anti-Mafia I got the idea that on the one hand there are people fighting to know the truth, on the other hand there are people shut up in silence”, he continues.

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