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Fatati (Nestlé Observatory): “All Italian chefs but with a few extra pounds”


Nov 24, 2021

“Not consistent, confused and less attentive to a healthy lifestyle. The last year has upset the eating habits of Italians. With the” Covid-19 “pandemic, forced into their homes due to the lockdown, our compatriots have rediscovered themselves all small chefs: they bought flour and yeast to make bread, pizza, fresh pasta and desserts. They delighted in the kitchen, bought large stocks which they were then forced to consume, but at the same time they did not practice any physical activity. In those long months they gained a few extra pounds. A damage to people’s health and to the health of the environment, because by cooking more they also consumed more resources and, consequently, polluted a lot. It is one of the causes of diabetes. and obesity is atmospheric pollution. For this reason, when we talk about sustainable nutrition, we must think of a 360 degree sustainability, therefore also environmental “. This is said by Giuseppe Fatati, president of the Nestlé Observatory. “The task of the Nestlé Observatory, which since 2009, through studies developed with experts and authoritative universities, had contributed to triggering processes to improve eating habits – he explains – will be fundamental in the coming months to understand if some negative trends will have an effect in the short term. and if therefore, after this period of adaptation and thanks to the recovery, most of the previous positive eating habits will resume their course “. According to Fatati, “Italians know the Mediterranean diet well, even if only 56% of the sample complies with the Inran-Mediterranean Diet guidelines. But it is as if, in this last period, the knowledge in this area has remained the same, while the practical realization had worsened. It is the duty of the Nestlé Observatory to communicate again and forcefully the importance of the Mediterranean diet, so that the trend of knowledge and greater adherence to correct eating habits will be recovered in the near future “. The pandemic emergency “has absorbed all our attention”, observes Fatati who adds: “We only thought about Covid, but not post-Covid. Even after the reopening there was the great euphoria with the ‘all out’ , we have resumed going to lunch and dinner at the restaurant. However, it is impossible to pay attention to the diet when we eat out of the house again, after a long period of isolation “. The new studies highlight the need for a “change in the eating habits inherited from recent months. The role of the Nestlé Observatory assumes, in this period, of fundamental importance”, remarked the specialist. But to return to a correct lifestyle, he concludes, we must “get across the message that the Mediterranean diet is not synonymous with restriction, but means attention to food seen as an important moment of conviviality, health and culture in our daily life. . We need to make Italians understand that it is necessary to shift attention from quantity to quality “.

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