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Third dose, Pregliasco: “No problem with vaccine mixes”


Nov 24, 2021

“For the third dose” of Covid vaccine “only mRna vaccines are given and there is no problem combining these types of vaccines for the booster.” The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan, clarifies this in ‘Mattino 5’ on Canale 5. “The third dose of Pfizer is whole, that of Moderna is done with half a dose, but – assures the expert – there is no problem” to do one or the other “on the basis of availability”. For those who have made AstraZeneca the recall “will always and only with an mRna vaccine because at this moment Italy has this type of vaccine, and that’s okay because – concludes the virologist – heterologous vaccination has a very intense result”.

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