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Covid, Codacons warns the government: “Even with vaccine, buffer and quarantine for those who return”


“Anyone who goes on vacation abroad today, even if vaccinated in Italy, must undergo a molecular or antigenic swab performed 48 hours before entry, and in some cases the mandatory quarantine to return.” This was denounced by Codacons, which today presented an urgent warning to the government on what it defines as an “all-Italian paradox”. “In Italy, the recognition of vaccination against Covid 19 for the purposes of entry into the territory from abroad has not yet been established – explains the consumer association – It is absurd that other foreign countries accept the Italian vaccination certificate for the ‘entry into their territory but this certificate is not recognized by Italy for its citizens who return to their homeland, requesting the swab in the previous 48 hours and / or respecting the mandatory quarantine “. The certification relating to the vaccination cycle, explains the association, “currently does not allow Italian citizens to return from abroad. For such returns, in particular, it is still foreseen that, depending on the destination from which one returns, you declare: for the return from the countries of zones C that you have undergone a swab, negative result, 48 hours before entering Italy; for the return from the countries of zones D and E that you have undergone a swab, resulting negative, within 72 hours prior to entry into Italy “. Furthermore, in this second case it is necessary” to undergo a 10-day period of fiduciary isolation and activate health surveillance, carry out a further molecular or antigenic test at the end of the ten-day isolation “. All this, observes the consumer movement, “despite the fact that several countries already allow vaccinated tourists to enter their territory without any restrictions, as is the case in Greece, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Romania”. ‘Contradictory legislation and detrimental to citizens’ rights’ For the Codacons “it is therefore evident that the internal legislation now appears contradictory and harmful to the rights of Italian citizens who, paradoxically, can go abroad freely – if vaccinated in Italy – where direct to countries that recognize the vaccination certificate, but cannot return freely to Italy on the basis of a certificate issued by the latter “. For this reason, Codacons has sent an urgent warning to the Ministry of Health and the Presidency of the Council to ensure, with immediate effect, the adoption of any suitable act for the recognition of the validity of the Covid green certification relating to the vaccination cycle for returning from abroad of Italian citizens, at least in reference to the return from foreign states in which this validity is recognized.



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