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Parma, worker dies in the feed company


Another fatal accident at work. A worker in a feed company in Sorbolo in the province of Parma lost his life, crushed by a load of several quintals. “This is the third fatal accident at work in less than three days – write in a joint note the secretaries of the national Flai CGIL Sara Palazzoli and Andrea Gambillara – Waiting to know the dynamics of this injury, we cannot fail to report the daily dripping of workers who lose their lives in the workplace. They call them accidents, but there is nothing accidental, if anything, there is a lack of controls, non-compliance with the rules and laws in force, little attention to prevention and safety “. slogan of 1 May was Italy safe with work and we ask for a safe job, because safety at work is not a cost, it is not an item where you can cut or save; even the pandemic emergency has highlighted this in all its strength “, they continue. “Safety at work means rights for those who work, guarantees for those who consume, protection for everyone. Safety at work means that no Rls can be fired because they do their duty. Today we cling to the family and colleagues of the young worker but we want to say enough” , the trade unionists conclude. “The umpteenth tragedy at work, which happened in a company in Sorbolo, Parma, took away a 37-year-old worker who emigrated from Basilicata in search of a better future – writes on the Fai Cisl Facebook page Secretary General Onofrio Rota – Pending investigations into the incident, at this moment the deep condolences and anger over an unacceptable war report remain. We gather around his family and all colleagues, and we reiterate that all the rules of safety and prevention and training must be guaranteed for all workers. Among the lessons we have learned from the pandemic, one is precisely what drives us to ensure always and in any case health and safety in all workplaces, because work is life and cannot be the place where one goes to die. “” Once again this tragedy calls institutions, businesses and social partners to exert maximum pressure in all the offices to create more participatory trade union relations, which restore dignity to people and work by enhancing the levers of representation, bilateralism, national and decentralized bargaining ”, he concludes.

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