Vaccines on the farm, Assolombarda: “Lombardy maintain agreements”

Assolombarda expects the Lombardy Region to maintain the agreements made on vaccines in the company. The president of the industrialists’ association, Alessandro Spada, says this in an interview with Adnkronos. “We alone, as an association, have received 400 expressions of interest from large and medium-sized companies. We expect the Lombardy Region to maintain the agreements made with the business world, as defined by the protocol signed in March. an important channel that would accelerate the vaccine plan “. Now that Lombardy has kicked off the bookings for the 50-59 age bracket from next Monday, “we are waiting for the disciplinary to be defined, for there to be clear rules and precise timelines. It was necessary to give priority to the elderly and the frail, but the time has come to give the productive body the possibility to lead the recovery and secure the companies “, he adds. Until recently, the hypothesis was that vaccinations in the company could start from mid-May, with the arrival of adequate supplies of vaccines. But at the moment, no date is known. Among other things, Spada points out, “companies have played an important social role towards the communities in which they operate and since the beginning of the emergency, they have put themselves at the service of the country. In terms of vaccines, our companies have responded at the call of Confindustria, making themselves available to become a community factory open to all citizens “. An example is that of the ‘Pirelli HangarBicocca’ vaccination center, made available to Lombardy by Pirelli. Vaccinations could accelerate the exit from the recession, especially in Lombardy. According to Assolombarda forecasts, Lombardy could return to pre-Covid levels at the beginning of 2023, but this only assuming that the vaccination campaign continues as planned and that the virus from next year is no longer a problem. “We must try to cope with the collapse of 2020: Lombardy has lost 9.4% of GDP, a figure worse than the rest of the country (-8.9%). But we expect a positive rebound for both this year ( + 5.2%) and for 2022, with GDP at + 4.5% “, explains Spada. The sum of the positive GDP in 2021 and 2022 “can therefore bring us back to pre-covid conditions at the beginning of 2023”, but “for this, the good performance of the vaccination campaign will be necessary”. (by Vittoria Vimercati)