• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

From deputy to vaccinator: “The looks of the people excite me more than the votes”


May 7, 2021

From deputy and President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, a leading exponent of Forza Italia, to vaccinator on the island of Lampedusa. It is the story of Francesco Cascio, responsible for vaccinations on the Pelagie Islands. “Four days of hard work, more than a thousand vaccinated between Lampedusa and Linosa. We bring home important numbers, but not only those”, says the doctor now a former politician. “I carry with me the grateful looks of those who have received the vaccine, the smiles full of gratitude that no mask can stop and that are worth more than many words – he says – Here, I believe that the meaning of my work lies in those looks that they manage to give me more intense emotions than any election campaign “.