Vatican, Becciu presides over mass for the patron saint in Ozieri

Cardinal Angelo Becciu, ‘fired’ by the Pope in relation to the investigation into the sale of the London building in Sloane Avenue, this morning dressed the vestments of a cardinal and celebrated mass in the Basilica of Bisarcio in Ozieri, for the patron saint of Sardinia Sant’Antioco together with Monsignor Corrado Melis, bishop of the town in the province of Sassari. The cardinal, surrounded by the affection of Bishop Melis and the Sardinian prelates who have never failed him in their support in the context of the Vatican investigation that sees him among the accused along with nine other people, presided over the solemn celebration in the Basilica. on the occasion of the patron saint. The civil authorities were also present at the religious ceremony. In his homily, Cardinal Becciu made no reference to what he is experiencing at the judicial level but, according to what they refer to the Adnkronos, he highlighted the need to keep faith alive as a “precious gift that animates our life”. In detail, the cardinal pointed out that “without faith our life is empty, without a positive perspective, and fear and nothingness take hold of us”. The bishop of Ozieri, Melis, then again assured the cardinal of “constant prayer and unchanged affection”. The cardinal too wished for the protection of the patron saint of the diocese for all. And on Wednesday we return to the Chamber for the fourth hearing before the Vatican Court which, during the last hearing on the financial scandal linked to the sale of the London building, ordered the Promoter of Justice to deposit all the documents, including the ‘queen trial’ with the video interrogation of Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, to ensure a fair trial. In recent days, the defenders of the ten defendants, compact, have complained about a “partial” filing of the documents. The papers not filed, it was learned from the Prosecutor’s Office, would concern aspects not related to the ongoing process. The Court chaired by Pignatone then asked to clarify the position of Perlasca, the ‘repentant’ from which the trial arose. Wednesday starts with the fourth hearing.

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