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Discos reopening 2021, Costa: “They will start again in July at least outdoors”


Jun 8, 2021

Reopening of the discos, today the table with the managers. The hypothesis is to start again, starting with the outdoor premises. “It would be an idea, July is already the right month for me”, says Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health in an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’, even if “we need to identify objective parameters and take specificities into account”. For example, he explains, “you can make the difference between dance halls and discos. Those who dance ballroom dancing with a partner could probably be treated differently from those who find themselves dancing stuck in the club.” “I’m not even a good dancer. I’ve never been a disco in my life. I play the acoustic guitar, just think”, Costa began with a smile, specifying that today will be “a summit, but not a technical table. . A request for confrontation that it was my duty to listen “. The reasoning of the exponent of Noi con Italia is that “the vaccines go on, the infections are decreasing, all the activities have had their chance. It is a question of consistency: now we have the tools, with caution we can reopen” . To managers who threaten to reopen from 21 June even without authorization, the undersecretary will point out first of all “that the rules must be respected and that it is not with demonstrations of force that problems are solved. Secondly. We must be capable – and I speak. in the plural, meaning we politicians – to build a relationship of trust with the citizens. A relationship on which our credibility is at stake. To do this we need positive messages and in this case we need a date to start over, a perspective “. “I will explain, for example – Costa anticipates – that the beginning of July could be the right date, but that it is a path to be followed together. I will bring their requests to the minister, I will dialogue with the CTS, but we must find a solution to ensure that the reopening really takes place and above all takes place without making the mistakes of last year “. The parameters So will there be new protocols to reopen the discos? “I would really hope so – replies the Undersecretary of Health – We cannot reopen by committing the mistake of using the distancing criterion. The disco is the place where by definition it is impossible to maintain it. We must think about other parameters, such as reduced capacity and a strict monitoring. It is unthinkable that real traceability of those who frequent them is not guaranteed. It is the only way to have safe entrances “. But what could be the objective parameters on which to reason? According to the undersecretary, “it should be that of the surface. The CTS – he explains – must evaluate from a scientific point of view, as he did for swimming pools, that for each person certain square meters are needed in the disco, in order to determine on the basis of the surface of the club a percentage of maximum capacity “. The Green Pass And then there is the Green pass, which for Costa” can absolutely “be the tool to get back to dancing safely. “I don’t see why it can’t be used for discos – he says – We have to apply the same rules we applied in other situations, not just for the certificate. I’m thinking of restaurants or even swimming pools. So for example we differentiate between spaces at the closed and open spaces, the summer allows it. Then, I repeat, there must be serious checks to ensure that everything works “.