Vaccines Europe Covid, Italy in ninth place

Covid vaccines in Europe, the campaign is accelerating. This is indicated by the data provided by the various countries and collected by the Our World in Data site, which attest to the change of pace compared to previous months. Taking into consideration the single doses administered per one hundred inhabitants as of May 2, the EU average indicates 33.7 doses equal to one third of the population. Among the EU countries, Italy is in ninth place, above the overall average with 34.33 doses administered per hundred inhabitants. The data of the Ministry of Health indicate to date 21,161,899 total doses administered, with 6,379,737 people who have completed the vaccination cycle, compared to 24,733,960 doses delivered to the various health structures. This is a percentage of use of 85.6%. The EU is still far from the 120.83 doses per 100 inhabitants of Israel, the 73.43 of the USA and the 73.41 (data updated to May 1) of the United Kingdom. but with the arrival of large supplies of vaccines it is making up for the ground lost at the beginning. It should be remembered that EU member states had received just 14 million doses in January, followed by 28 million doses in February and 60 million doses in March. In April, EU officials announced the delivery of 105 million doses and the Commission expects 125 million doses in May and another 200 million in June, ahead of the target of 4 billion doses per year. in first place Malta, with 76.94 doses per 100 inhabitants (data updated to 1 May), followed by Hungary with 63.67 doses. Behind these two countries is the group of nations that stands above 30 doses per 100 inhabitants. In order: Lithuania, 36.57; Germany, 35.98; Austria, 35.47; Estonia, 35.05; Spain, 35 (updated as of April 29); Denmark, 34.65 (updated as of 1 May); Italy, 34.33; Belgium, 33.68; Finland, 33.63; Portugal, 33.56; France, 32.7 (data updated to 1 May); Sweden, 32.35 (updated as at 30 April); Ireland, 32.24 (updated as of 1 May); Poland, 31.38 (updated as of 1 May); Slovenia, 30.83; Netherlands, 30.73 (updated as of April 28); and Luxembourg, 30.58 (data updated to April 29). In the end, the countries below 30 doses administered per 100 inhabitants. In order: Czech Republic, 29.9; Greece, 29.89 (updated as of 1 May); Slovakia, 29.74; Romania, 27.55 (updated as of 1 May); Cyprus, 26.97 (data updated to 23 April); Croatia, 22.14; Latvia, 16.8 and finally Bulgaria, with just 11.87 doses per 100 inhabitants.