• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Stadio Roma, Raggi at the trial: “That’s why I involved Lanzalone”


May 7, 2021

“Paolo Berdini has never opposed the project for the new Roma stadium but rather opened a highway for him, even if today he comes out as the champion of the anti-stadium. He was against in words but not in deeds.” the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, heard as a witness in court at the trial on the new stadium of Rome, which includes 16 defendants. The former Capitoline councilor with responsibility for urban planning, “never gave a mandate to his offices to go and sit with the proponents to knock down the cubic meters – added the mayor before the judges of the Ninth section – at the table he said he was against but then he didn’t follow up. was leading to crashing on the rocks, he no longer had the pulse of the situation and I turned to Lanzalone, also asking him to participate in the meetings and to help me from a technical legal point of view to find an exit strategy that was not the revocation of the Marino resolution on which the majority was split. The problem was that there would be compensatory consequences for the administration. So we decided to work to reduce the damage by breaking down the cubic volumes, so much so that for us it came to be a well done stadium. “” Luca Lanzalone – said the mayor of Rome – was highly regarded within the M5S and was a good vehicle to make Beppe Grillo understand the change in the historical position of the movement against the Stadium. Eventually Beppe also changed his mind, thanks to the new project, different and sustainable ”. “It was difficult for me to make the directors understand that by becoming a majority we had to take into account the consequences of revoking public interest in the stadium – he added – there were tensions at the meetings and the majority itself was split. In order not to ‘fall’ a million cubic meters of concrete on the capital, we sat down at the table to negotiate on the demolition of the airspace, eliminating the ‘monstre’ project “.