• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Covid Italy today, 6 moderate and 15 low risk regions


May 7, 2021

“There is a general improvement in risk” Covid today in Italy, “with no region at high risk”. While “six Regions and Autonomous Provinces have a moderate risk classification (of which one, Calabria, with a high probability of progression to high risk in the coming weeks) and 15 Regions and Autonomous Provinces that have a low risk classification”. This is what we read in the draft of the weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health for the period from April 26 to May 2. “A Region (Molise) and an Autonomous Province (Bolzano) have a punctual Rt greater than 1, but with the lower limit below one. All the Regions and Autonomous Provinces have a transmissibility compatible with a type one scenario”, yes reads in the Report. “The incidence is slowly decreasing but still high to allow a management based on containment or on the identification of cases and the tracing of their contacts throughout the country. Consequently, it is necessary to continue to reduce the number of cases also through mitigation measures aimed at reducing the possibility of interpersonal aggregation and continuing the vaccination campaign to quickly reach high coverage in the population “, reads the draft. In detail, the monitoring indicates how this week continues the decline in incidence weekly (127 per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 146 per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous week). “Although the vaccination campaign is progressing faster and faster, overall – underline the ISS experts – the incidence remains high and still far from the levels (50 per 100,000) that would allow the containment of new cases”. Furthermore, as regards the Rt index, the report indicates that “for the second consecutive week a slight increase in the estimate of the average Rt transmissibility index calculated on symptomatic cases is observed, which however remains below the epidemic threshold”. The report indicates that “in the period 14-27 April 2021, the mean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was equal to 0.89 (range 0.85-0.91), a slight increase compared to the previous week, but below ‘one even in the upper limit “.” The pressure on hospital services is decreasing although it still remains beyond the critical threshold in some Regions and autonomous provinces “, is noted in the draft. In detail, the number of Regions and Autonomous Provinces that have an employment rate in intensive care and / or medical areas above the critical threshold decreases (5 Regions against 8 in the previous week). The ICU employment rate nationwide is below critical (27%), with a decrease in the number of people admitted from 2,748 (April 27) to 2,423 (May 4). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide falls further and is below the critical threshold (29%). The number of people hospitalized in these areas went from 20,312 (April 27) to 18,176 (May 4).