• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Murder Cerciello, widow: “Mario muddied but now the truth has emerged”


May 6, 2021

“With the first degree sentence issued by the Court of Assizes of Rome after a long and painful process of 43 hearings, in addition to the imposition of the most serious of the sentences, that of life imprisonment, the absolute correctness of Mario’s work was recognized in an attempt to bring to justice those responsible for an extortion that had its epilogue in his heinous murder “. This was stated by Rosa Maria Esilio, widow of the Deputy Brigadier of the Carabinieri Mario Cerciello Rega, commenting on the sentence that sentenced Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriele Natale Hjorth to life imprisonment for the murder of her husband. “During this process – he adds – I had to witness sinister attempts to overturn responsibility by distorting the facts, making inferences and imaginative hypotheses, trying to represent a truth that does not coincide with the real one, muddying and shamelessly denigrating memory several times Mario, trying to reduce and demean him despite his death and his tortured body spoke without any doubt. Thanks to the work of the Judges of the Court of Assizes, the Prosecutor’s Office, the lawyers and the Carabinieri who with professionalism, correctness and scrupulousness, without being carried away by the emotionality of the moment, since the latter are also victims of the heinous crime, the truth of the facts and the irreproachable conduct of my husband who fell in the fulfillment of his duty emerged “.” Mario Cerciello Rega – underlines his wife – was a valiant Carabiniere, he wore the uniform with honor, carrying out his duty with courage and self-denial until the sacrifice of own life. This attempt to misrepresent the facts caused in me an excruciating and unbearable pain, as it is emblematic of the nullity of the ethical and religious values ​​of its authors, vice versa foundations of our life “.” This severe condemnation – adds Rosa Maria Esilio – will not bring back to life My love; I see neither winners nor losers, but only the sacrifice of a man, a Carabiniere, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, and at the same time I feel compassion and pity for the murderers whose forgiveness they must not ask me , but directly to Mario and to his own conscience. Hence the duty of Mario’s memory of which I will be careful guardian, so that he never dies in our minds “, he concludes.